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Emily Dolan
Flynn Lundeen

Flynn Lundeen recently graduated from Sage Ridge as a “Lifer,” meaning that he attended Sage Ridge for as many years as were available. Though he started in fifth grade, his clearest early memories are of the 6th grade Outdoor Education trip to the Marin Headlands and finishing his first really big project, the 6th grade country report (which is still a rite of passage in 6th grade). Flynn also participated in Junior Classical League in middle school and fondly remembers the dodgeball tournament at a JCL event in 8th grade.

To know Flynn is to know that he is a swimmer. He is set to swim in college next year in Western New York, where the pools will be indoors rather than out. He swam on the Sage Ridge team for all four years while also competing at the club level. In Middle School, Flynn played soccer, basketball, and even baseball when there was a team for one season, but he kept gravitating towards the pool rather than the field or the court. As he moved up in club levels, his commitment to swimming made him unavailable to participate in other sports. Finally, in 11th grade, Flynn gave in to the peer pressure and joined the Sage Ridge basketball team, contributing to a memorable season. 

Athletics seemed to give Flynn the balance he needed as a student athlete. His advice to younger Scorpions is to find the balance that works for you. “Grades are important,” Flynn acknowledges, “but take a step away from school and do something fun. That’s important, too.” He encourages students to bond with friends beyond the classroom. 

Flynn’s favorite class may have been chemistry with Dr. DeLancy. He felt like he hit his stride as a learner in that class. According to Flynn, Dr. DeLancy’s minimal homework requirements helped relieve the stress of trying to get everything done in his already busy schedule as he juggled the demands of classes with his swimming routines. “I just felt like I could learn better, and it was a lot of fun.” 

During Sage Ridge’s graduation ceremony, Mr. Eads and Dr. McGann delivered “the charge,” during which each senior is celebrated for their individuality. When speaking about Flynn, Mr. Eads poked fun at the growth Flynn has made over his years at Sage Ridge. While it may have seemed as though he was referring only to his height, he may have also been speaking about his growth as a learner and a young adult. Having taught Flynn in several classes, Mr. Eads knew what he was talking about when he looked at Flynn and said, “Your quiet nature proves the adage that still waters run deep.” Despite his quiet nature, we hope to hear from Flynn about his accomplishments in college, in the pool, and beyond, and we wish him the best! 

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