Senior Spotlight: Griffin Lovato

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Emily Dolan
Griffin Lovato

Griffin Lovato has had two Sage Ridge identities: the quiet, reserved middle school identity, and the high schooler who emerged from his shell, beginning sometime around the 9th grade Outdoor Education trip. Griffin sees this shift as a result of the choices available to him as a Sage Ridge Upper Schooler. “I got to do more of what I wanted and got to be with people who wanted to do the same,” Griffin explains. Seeing the passions of his peers got him interested in talking to other people and becoming part of the Sage Ridge community. 

As Griffin began making choices that would define his Upper School identity, he decided to join the basketball team in 10th grade. His parents had some reservations about this choice, as Griffin had never participated in organized sports, but he felt ready for the challenge after establishing a successful track record in academics. “Basketball is my hardest class,” Griffin says. It’s this challenge he credits for helping him to develop a growth mindset: “It taught me the most about improvement because of how hard it was for me.” A conscientious student, Griffin holds himself to very high standards. Basketball has helped him recognize the value in the process over the product, and it has given him the opportunity to practice persevering and learning from mistakes. 

Griffin joined the Honor Council and the Speech and Debate team in 10th grade, and both helped him develop the confidence to speak up and share his own opinions. As a senior, he is the chair of the Honor Council. Dr. Regina Sullivan, who has witnessed Griffin’s growth over the past three years, sees how Griffin’s experience on the Honor Council has affected him: “I think that being on the Honor Council has helped him to understand other students better, and, as a consequence, himself.” 

As chair of the Honor Council, Griffin was given the opportunity to empathize with students who have made mistakes with academic integrity. Griffin’s advice to younger Scorpions is actually a plea: “Please go talk to teachers,” he begs. “You have to get used to talking to adults here. Just having those conversations will allow you to achieve much more without the stress of doing much more. Ask for advice. Ask for extensions. Your teachers will appreciate your interest in improving yourself far more than you expect.”

Though the pandemic interfered with the senior-year plans of the Class of 2021, Griffin found inspiration in the way his peers handled the unexpected challenges this year presented. He saw his classmates organizing events to boost morale, dedicating themselves to their senior thesis, and supporting one another. Their motivation helped get him through the year, and he wanted to give back. Griffin took initiative, organized the materials and time for painting senior parking spaces, worked tirelessly to initiate a senior class trip, and designed a fantastic senior class sweatshirt. He proves that leadership is a behavior rather than a title. With graduation so close on the horizon, Griffin can reflect on his journey at Sage Ridge and be proud of his growth, of what he gained from being a Scorpion, and of all he has given back. 

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