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Dr. Tara McGann


Although Harper Lopiccolo only started his Sage Ridge journey at the beginning of his junior year, he immediately felt a sense of belonging. He recalls how warmly he was greeted by everyone, which made the transition to a new high school easier. In these past two years, he has befriended his peers and earned the esteem of the faculty, who nominated him to speak about our pillar of respect and selected him for the Faculty Award at our 2022 Baccalaureate. 

A valued member of our community, Harper exhibits our school pillars of scholarship, respect, integrity, community, and courage. Many teachers from elementary school to high school have left an impact on Harper, instilling a love of scholarship and teaching him about respect and integrity. Sage Ridge School has also deepened his understanding of community and courage. Drawn to outdoor activities, Harper greatly enjoyed the Outdoor Education sea kayaking trip the seniors took to Tomales Bay, in California, and the Sage Session course he took with Dr. Roth, Outdoor Adventures, in which he did mountain biking, rock climbing and camping. He has also played on our soccer and golf teams and was a part of our student government, all of which gave him the opportunity to contribute to our community, form close friendships with his peers, and try new things. Harper appreciates how Sage Ridge encourages students to try new sports or new extracurricular activities, such as theater or debating. He is also open to new experiences, as his English teacher, Dr. McGann commented. “Harper is a curious person who loves learning. He courageously welcomes challenges and soaks up new experiences.” 

Harper is particularly interested in business and was able to explore this interest through his senior thesis and internship. His thesis examined how microfinance in the developing world can empower women. He first learned about microfinance in 7th grade and wanted to deepen his understanding of the topic. Interning at an agency called Alliance Resource Group taught him many aspects of business, from working with financial spreadsheets to sitting in on marketing meetings. 

Harper will benefit from the wealth of experiences he has enjoyed over the past few years as he heads off to California Polytechnic State University--San Luis Obispo.

Enriched by these experiences and fortified by his character, he will experience great success in the coming years.

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