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Emily Dolan
Jens Emil Clausen

Jens Emil Clausen moved to Reno from Mexico and started at Sage Ridge in 7th grade. Having lived in several different countries in his younger years, Jens Emil remembers middle school as a time of adaptation. He looks back at 9th grade as the time when he was able to feel settled and able to focus more on being both a scholar and part of the community. 

An aspiring engineer with an interest in economics, Jens Emil has most enjoyed math classes at Sage Ridge. Calculus appeals to him especially because of its ”clear, set, undisputed language.” Jens Emil has worked with Mr. Johnston for three years and appreciates his passion for math and for teaching. Jens Emil is especially grateful for Mr. Johnston’s willingness to interact with students. According to Mr. Johnston, Jens Emil is the kind of student who doesn’t just want the right answer. Instead, he’s the kind of student who wants to understand why the right answer is correct. Being able to engage with Mr. Johnston, both during and outside of class, has given Jens Emil the opportunity to get to the “why” in his study of math. 

Jens Emil’s advice to younger students is to take advantage of the things that are available to students at Sage Ridge. He joined athletic teams for the social outlet and he enjoyed four years on the soccer team, three years of basketball, and one year of swimming. Jens Emil also competed in debate in 9th and 10th grades. He credits his participation in extracurricular activities for helping him learn how to use his time efficiently early on in his Sage Ridge career. More recently, his time management skills have enabled him to seek internships, jobs, and other opportunities to apply his learning through practice. 

While Jens Emil is known to teachers as an incredibly hard worker, one of the lasting memories he will take from his Sage Ridge experience is from a learning opportunity outside of the classroom. As it does for so many of his classmates, the 11th grade Outdoor Education trip stands out as a major highlight for the opportunity to bond with classmates. He remembers building a tent, the freedom and time allotted just for having fun, and the many jokes that were born from those days. Similarly, on the recent Field Day, Jens Emil leaned into the spirit of the day. While some nearly-graduated students might be inclined to spend a day outside gravitating towards friends, Jens Emil led his team of students ranging from grades 3 through 11. In between games, he had them sitting in a circle, having conversations, and building relationships. While it’s clear that his work ethic and ambitions will take him far in his professional career, Jens Emil embraced the fun at Sage Ridge along with the academics, and he may be more prepared for life ahead as a result. 

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