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Marnie Sturm

Logan Reeves remembers being unhappy about having to leave his previous school to come to Sage Ridge in 6th grade. He recognized the challenge Sage Ridge presented, but he also quickly noticed how much more feedback he was getting in his classes. Though the transition to Sage Ridge wasn’t easy at first, he remembers things changing when he went on his first Outdoor Education trip. Logan recalls bonding with new classmates, and he realized that Sage Ridge was a more close-knit community than he had been used to.

Logan was the kid who always wanted to play tag on the playground, and he started running more formally when he joined the cross country and track teams in 6th grade. He remembers placing in the top three in his first cross country race and that while it was “one of the more painful experiences” of his running career, he knew he enjoyed the feeling of being fully and completely exhausted by a race. Even though Covid broke up two years of his high school running career, Logan has since been decorated with awards at the state and regional levels in track and field and cross country.

Also known for his success on the mountain, Logan has been skiing since he was 4 years old. Logan raced for Sage Ridge for all four years, and he says that “hands down, the ski team has been the most fun part of Sage Ridge.” He’s been remarkably consistent in his performance in ski races. The extra challenge for Logan as a ski racer has been balancing ski racing on the weekends with school, as many of his competitors devoted more time to training than he could. Regardless, Logan was state champion in 11th grade, and in 12th grade, he placed 3rd in states. 

When asked about advice he would give younger SRS students, Logan urges students to sample as many extracurricular activities as possible: “You’ll lose out on the Sage Ridge experience if you don’t try things,” he says, “because it’s through those programs that students bond the most.” Logan has helped build community through his service on the Honor Council, and this year, he was Honor Council co-chair. 

Logan has always enjoyed doing well in school, and he likes to let his curiosity help him make discoveries. He remembers 7th and 8th grade science as some of the most fun classes I’ve had. He’s followed his curiosity in science and has found a particular interest in biology classes. For his senior thesis, Logan researched the relationship between pandemics and conspiracy theories. He reports that it was a “fun topic.” Logan is completing his senior internship at Redwood Materials with SRS parent Mike Joyer (P ‘27, ‘28) and is really excited about the opportunity he has to help with modeling projects. 

Dr. Roth, who has taught Logan in three academic classes and two Sage Session courses, feels that he has grown alongside Logan as they “shared together essential life skills like communication, leadership, and time management, along with academic skills in multiple classes employing Own Your Learning, discovery, and research.” Dr. Roth notes that “Logan has explored and found passion on his own, and now has a solid foundation in science to succeed as a scholar at the University of Utah, an esteemed research institution in Salt Lake City that will test his academic and personal skills over four years of intense higher education.” Sage Ridge is proud to call Logan a scorpion, and we wish him the very best. 


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