Senior Spotlight: Nate Mulvaney

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Emily Dolan

Nate Mulvaney became a Scorpion in fifth grade. As an athlete, Nate did not hesitate to join the soccer and track and field teams. He quickly found that new friendships came with new experiences. Encouraged to try basketball in middle school, he joined the team as a beginner, and then as an upper schooler, he tried his hand at golf and swimming as well. Reflecting on his experiences with Sage Ridge athletics, Nate recognizes that getting to spend time with older kids on his teams helped him develop his social skills. “It gave me a chance to learn to be comfortable with people that aren’t all that similar to me yet we could still find something we share in common,” he notes.  

Nate describes himself as a “head down, do work” kind of student. Yet alongside the dedication to his academics, he has become a quiet leader on campus. Nate has been a member of the school’s Honor Council for most of his time at Sage Ridge, and he has served on Prefecture as well. His participation on the Honor Council has allowed him to become more comfortable using his voice and leading by example. Nate practices those skills on the soccer field as well. He plays soccer on a club team, where he focuses on being the best player he can be for the team, but when playing for Sage Ridge, he has felt a responsibility to be a presence for his teammates, and he really enjoys the opportunity to lead as captain of the team this year.

Outside of academics and athletics, Nate has made the most out of his time at Sage Ridge by branching out beyond his comfort zone. He participated in Junior Classical League in middle school and later competed in Speech and Debate competitions as a sophomore. “Trying things out is something I would recommend,” Nate advises. “It’s a small school, and it’s very supportive. In high school, you are welcome to try out whatever you want. Make the most of your time because the school is here to support you.” 

Nate isn’t yet set on any one course of study for college. He likes math, economics, physics, and writing. Over the course of his Sage Ridge career, the diversity of his strengths has been recognized with awards for academics, athletics, and character. Dr. McGann, Nate’s past advisor and two-year English teacher, sees Nate as ”a well-rounded student. He's really good at math, and he enjoyed studying Latin, but he's also become a strong writer and public speaker.” Nate plans to try different disciplines out in college to figure out how he wants to focus his intellectual energy. That energy will be missed in the halls, classrooms, and playing fields at Sage Ridge, and we look forward to following Nate’s journey ahead. 

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