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Emily Dolan
Spencer Abts

Spencer Abts joined the Class of ‘21 in 6th grade. That year, he started playing basketball as a Scorpion. Spencer has always been an athlete and wanted a school experience that included athletics. As he approached his high school years, he decided that Sage Ridge was the right place for him because of the quality of the education. It was a bonus that he would also be able to pursue athletics. 

While Spencer dabbled in golf and swimming, he also really enjoyed playing soccer for Sage Ridge. Getting to be friends with teammates in other grades proved to be a highlight of his soccer experience. Yet the love for basketball that began in 6th grade in the Great Space of Webster remained his athletic passion. For Spencer, being a starting player on the basketball team and getting so much playing time was not only fun, but it was also incredibly rewarding. In fact, he seriously considered playing college basketball after playing mostly on Sage Ridge teams. 

Spencer’s advice to younger Sage Ridge students is to get involved in athletics or other extracurricular activities. Meeting new people is just one of the advantages of being part of something outside of classes. Spencer explains that when he was participating on a team, he noticed that he was able to focus better on academics in the limited amount of time he had. He sees a direct connection between his athletic commitments and stronger academic performance. 

When asked if he could name a particularly helpful teacher at Sage Ridge, Spencer’s reply was “all of them?” However, he especially appreciates Dr. McGann for taking the time to get to know him really well, to understand her students and their lives, and to make adjustments to her expectations based on what the students faced outside of her class. According to Dr. McGann, “Spencer brings energy and humor to all of his classes. He has a strong desire to learn and grow.” 

This year, Spencer was a Student Government class representative and helped to plan any fun events that were possible this year. Being a senior through the pandemic, he says, means accepting the difficulty of everything and making the best of it nonetheless. Through the pandemic, he definitely made the best out of the opportunities to spend time socially distanced in nature and develop his interest in photography. He has traveled to San Francisco, Yosemite, and Jackson Hole to pursue his desired shots, and he is completing his Senior Internship by working with a professional photographer. As he heads off to college in the fall, Spencer’s creativity, adaptability and growth mindset will no doubt serve him well. 

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