Senior Week: Celebrating the Class of 2023

Emily Dolan


Sage Ridge seniors will accomplish a lot this year. They will challenge themselves in their coursework. They will complete the arduous college application process. They will surprise themselves with what they achieve with their senior thesis, a year-long research project that culminates in a 15-20 page paper and a defense of their thesis in front of their advisors. They will pursue an educational opportunity outside the boundaries of the traditional classroom for their senior internship, which will allow them to gain on-the-job experience in a career interest. And while accomplishing all of this, they will lead the school community with the pillars as their guide. 

Given all that seniors experience in their final year at Sage Ridge, they enjoy special privileges. Some of these privileges include being able to have unsupervised study halls in the loft, getting to wear professional dress in lieu of Wednesday’s dress code, having lunch off campus, and sitting in chairs instead of on the floor at Community Meetings. 

This year, we kicked off our celebrations of the Class of 2023 with a new event: FALL SENIOR WEEK. 

Monday, August 29: Senior Sunrise - seniors woke up early and came to campus in their PJs to enjoy dawn, breakfast, and the annual painting of the senior rock. 

Tuesday, August 30: Our seniors had a Free Dress day

Wednesday, August 31: Seniors painted their parking spot and had College Night

Thursday, September 1: Do or Donut Treats

Friday, September 2: Celebratory Pizza lunch 

Have a great final year, Seniors! 


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