Skaria Twins '25 Invited to The Congress of Future Medical Leaders

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Skaria Twins '25 Invited to The Congress of Future Medical Leaders
Alexandra Chuck

Sage Ridge Scorpions and twins Rhea and Michael Skaria '25

Scorpions and twins Rhea and Michael Skaria ‘25 received invitations to The Congress of Future Medical Leaders hosted by the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists in Boston this June. 

Representing Sage Ridge and the State of Nevada, Rhea and Michael will attend the “honors-only program for high school students dedicated to the service of humanity through medicine, either as physicians or in scientific research.” At the Congress, our Scorpions will hear from and have mentorship from “Nobel Prize winners, award-winning young inventors and scientists, leaders in medicine, medical futurists, and prominent medical school deans.”

Attendees must have a minimum 3.5 GPA to attend and have an opportunity to earn college credit. 

“I’m definitely interested in the medical field,” Rhea said. “Last year, I took human anatomy with Dr. Roth, and this year I'm taking AP Psychology. I like learning about the brain, so AP Psychology is actually making me consider neuroscience.” 

Rhea’s brother Michael, older by one minute, is also interested in the medical field. 

“Last year, I took anatomy and physiology, and that got me interested in medicine a lot,” Michael said. “I’m taking AP Psychology this year, and I'll pursue a career in sciences. That is my strongest suit, but I'm debating between medical science or physics.” 

Between classes at Sage Ridge, parents who are doctors, and talents in the subjects, the Skaria twins seem to be natural fits for the industry. Michael shared how his parents connecting with him over homework, adding layers of knowledge from their professional experience, allows him a greater depth of understanding in these subjects. 

The twins are involved in a lot around the Sage Ridge campus. 

Sage Ridge student Rhea Skaria '25 is a stage manager for Sage Ridge Theatre

Rhea is a stage manager for Sage Ridge Theatre. In the fall, she spent a day training alongside the stage managers for the Broadway Comes to Reno performance of “Tina - The Tina Turner Musical" at the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts. She's currently stage managing “Shrek the Musical” which opens April 19 at the Sage Ridge Crossbow Stage. Earlier this month, Rhea presented her stage management portfolio at the NV Thespians State Conference in Las Vegas after her placement in the top 10% in Nevada for the category. Rhea is invited to present her stage management work at the International Thespian Festival at Indiana University in June. And she's been to Las Vegas twice this month, as she went to State for Mock Trial, as well. 

Sage Ridge student Michael Skaria '25 is a student-athlete and accomplished in sciences

Michael is a Scorpion student-athlete who played as a left defender on the Varsity Boys Soccer team this fall and as a power forward and center for the Varsity Boys Basketball team this winter. Michael and his Varsity Boys Basketball team competed in the 2024 NIAA Boys Basketball 1A Playoffs last month, and both Varsity Soccer and Varsity Basketball teams are NIAA State Academic Team Champions for having the highest unweighted GPAs in the division that season. The Sage Ridge Varsity Boys Soccer team had the highest average GPA of all the NIAA divisions (1A-5A) in their sport.

The “super close” twins apply their love of science to life outside the classroom. Michael likes to go to the gym, and his Sage Ridge anatomy course increased his efficacy when working out, allowing him to apply his knowledge to pick the best exercises and diet for his body. And Rhea connects science and art in the environmental art pieces she creates. 

“I am STEAM-focused, and I’ve been like this since I was little,” Rhea said. “I like visual, project-based work.” 


Sage Ridge students Michael and Rhea Skaria '25 with anatomy and physiology teacher Dr. Roth

Michael Skaria '25 and Rhea Skaria '25 in 2023 with Sage Ridge biology, anatomy and physiology teacher Dr. Roth. Rhea received the 2022-2023 Excellence in Human Anatomy & Physiology Award. Dr. Roth, a beloved Scorpion faculty member, retired at the end of the 2022-2023 academic year.