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Jeffery and Barth Making Waves in the Northern Nevada Forensics League

Malina Jeffery '23 and Andrew Barth '25 are an unlikely pair to team up in a Public Forum (PF) debate. Usually debate teams come together from within the same class, but Malina, Grade 11, and Andrew, Grade 9, have decided to ignore tradition and instead focus on winning debate rounds, and the Northern Nevada Forensics League (NNFL) is taking note.

In last month's tournament at Reno High, the two went 3-1 in Novice PF preliminary rounds and proceeded to take the top spot with a 3-0 unanimous decision in the finals. This tournament win bumped them from the Novice division to the Senior division. In the Damonte Ranch High tournament this past weekend, the two broke into finals again and finished third in Senior PF. These are no small achievements and it is clear that the two appreciate the other's efforts. 

"Malina sounds like a professional announcer," says Andrew about his partner. "She is always the best speaker in the round." Regarding Andrew, Malina notes that Andrew "researches the topic better than anyone" and that he is able to "make adjustments on the spot." These two have discovered a complementary formula that has earned them success. 

Keep up the great work! 

Malina and Andrew

Malina Jeffery (Grade 11) and Andrew Barth (Grade 9)

  • Sage Ridge Spotlight
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