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Jess Thibault

Greetings Debate Fans!

This weekend’s tournament at Elko High School featured a SRS team of 11 debaters representing all grades 9-12. We took home 14 round wins and a Lincoln Douglas tournament championship. Wow! To the deets:

Speech and Debate in Elko

Public Forum

Vidhi Pandit ’21 and Cade Rombardo ’20 led the team as our upper class captains at this tournament and put up a very strong 3-1 record. In fact, they were only a handful of speaker points away from breaking into finals. These two have become strong case writers and debaters, and they will be a force at the District tournament in April. Nice going!  

Usually PF is divided into two categories – Novice and Senior – but at Elko these were collapsed into one category. This meant that our three 9th grade teams, Maddy Dutton ’23 / Richard Lu ’23, Carter Burns ’23 / Kevin Lu ’23, and Misha Verma ’23 / Derin Tosun ’23, hit more experienced opponents and even in these circumstances, did remarkably well. All speakers were at or above the prestigious 100 speaker point mark, and Derin and Misha recorded their first debate win in decisive style. Well done, freshmen!  


Gil Patterson ’22 competed in LD debate for the first time and left an impression on the field with a 2-2 record and a sixth-place speaker finish with 109 points. This tournament revealed Gil’s flexibility as a debater and revealed his strong overall debating ability. Great work!

Lexie Yang ’23 had a remarkable day as she not only got a win in just her first tournament, but earned that win against the eventual runner-up during the preliminary rounds. This was Lexie’s first career tournament and she showed great potential.

Lilli Ferrell ’23 had the coach’s lounge buzzing as in her first tournament she was able to complete a perfect 4-0 sweep of the preliminary rounds, win a tough semifinal match, and then win the LD top spot by beating a much more experienced debater in the final round. Not only did she win first place, but with 112 speaking points, won the “top speaker” award as well. Lilli has entered the competitive debate world with a bang, and has put the Sagebrush League on notice that she will be a force in the future. Amazing!   

lily in elko

TOURNAMENT MVP AWARD: This goes to our Art Teacher Gary Brown for not only driving our second Scorpion van, but for cheering on our debaters in their rounds as well. Thank you!

NEXT UP: District Tournament – Reno High School – April 3&4.  

Yours in the Cause! 
John Sloyan


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