Still In This Together

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Tobin Bechtel

We have high hopes that there is an end in sight with the pandemic. Even with variants wreaking havoc and ongoing supply issues for vaccinations, we finally seem to be making headway with COVID-19. In some ways the pandemic has made Reno even more attractive as a place to live with such great access to the outdoors and a size that offers culture and connectivity without being overwhelming. It was wonderful to see that Reno placed 4th nationwide in the 2020 Milken Institute report on Best Performing Cities. I believe Sage Ridge is an important part of our community in helping Reno achieve this status as we attract more jobs, people and prestige. 

Our faculty and staff have been fortunate to be offered vaccinations, and the majority of us will be fully vaccinated as of next week. While this is a great step, we still need to be vigilant about following our protocols as a whole community. We do not have enough data yet about immunity or transfer to lift mask use or distancing on campus which is being required by the state in any setting with over fifty people. We value being able to offer the majority of our students the ability to be on campus almost every school day—we are one of the few schools in the area able to do so. 

For the upcoming breaks in February and March, the intention will be to return to on-campus learning directly after each break for students who meet our travel/large gatherings/compromised protocols. Our current protocols are available on our website and we will announce any changes on an ongoing basis. Following these is a requirement that we all agreed to and it is a matter of integrity and trust that we continue to abide by them. There have been a few instances where we have heard from families that have had rapid tests that indicated a negative result but with a follow up PCR test came out positive. If ever in doubt, please quarantine, and after travel we ask that you wait at least 48 hours before testing.

As we have heard many times, we are in this together. In working together, I believe we will be able to move forward towards the time we can convene again. We are in the process of planning updated scenarios for the Fall and monitoring research and approaches internationally to help us determine what we can do to offer a safe environment that enables us to fulfill our mission of offering a challenging and engaging education.

PS - Thank you to all of you who joined us for Dr. Michael Thompson’s session with us yesterday evening. We especially appreciate the support of our PA in helping us bring this opportunity to our community. 

  • head's note
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