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Jess Thibault

Starting the school year during a pandemic is a massive undertaking. We have written a lot lately about the cultural and historical significance of these times as well as expressing our gratitude for the ways our community has pulled together. But what do our students think of this experience?

A few weeks ago, I asked them for their reflections on living during a global pandemic. Their perspectives demonstrate the insightful resilience that is characteristic of our student body.

In the words of Mallory Cotton ('27), "I definitely think we are living through a historical moment. The civil unrest, the pandemic, and the new science that is coming out of the pandemic will change America and the world in a very interesting way. Sometimes I ask myself 'why us?' or 'why are we living through this?' I may not have an answer, but I know that everything happens for a reason. Maybe our generation will do something that will change the world, let alone America.

"My silver lining for the pandemic is that I am not alone. Sometimes I get so self-absorbed in my problems that I forget that everyone is going through this and that I am so lucky that none of my family has died when others' have. I try to remember that it isn't only me. It is everyone. We are in this together and that is why we have to support each other."

Hayley Burns ('26) said, "I think that it is so admirable how positive and strong the Sage Ridge Community has been! Everyone is spreading so much positivity and joy around the campus, and although I can't physically see it, I can tell everyone is still smiling. With all the adversity going around in this world currently, it really goes to show how strong the Sage Ridge Community really is, especially when it needs to be."

Scarlett Lopiccolo ('25) gave this as her reflection, "My motivation to keep active during this pandemic is my family. They have helped me stick to education and distance learning. I know doctors are working their hardest on creating a vaccination for Covid 19. I am excited to go to school one day and not have to wear a mask. I thank everyone who has worked very hard to stay healthy and active including the teachers who have worked very hard to be here and help us learn. Thank you for working hard and I am very grateful."

These reflections are a true testament to the confidence and curiosity of students. May their ability to see past the difficulties and respond with gratitude, hope, and strength continue to inspire you as they inspire our teachers each and every day. 

And one more for good measure:

"I like this school a lot. I am having the best year ever. I love it here," says Carly Kotlicky ('28).

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