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Jessica Thibault

Media Arts was a new class offered in the Upper School this year.

Students in the class were responsible for the Yearbook, the student-run magazine The Ridge, and most of the school's social media content on Facebook and Instagram. While producing this massive amount of content, they also studied communication design, marketing, and journalism. 

For their final project, students were allowed to pick any organization - real or fictional - and creating a full branding and marketing package for them. Some students chose real organizations that they are currently invested in and others created fictional companies to brand and market.

Over 5 weeks, students created a visual identity, inspirational poster, marketing plan, sample social posts, and a final brand video for their chosen organization. The results were fun and a fantastic representation of all that they learned this year! Check them out.

Anne Thompson - Nevada Youth Climate Action

Final Presentation Slides

Kira Romberg - Scooter's Catch-a-Ride

Final Presentation Slides

Ethan Vicks - Ethan Vicks on Tik Tok

Final Presentation Slides

Josh Stanko - StRoBrie Clothing

Final Presentation Slides

Tessa Mendez-Leal - Team Incognito

Final Presentation Slides

Eric Albregts - Tranquili Tea

Final Presentation Slides


Thank you, students, for all your hard work and excellent content this year!


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