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Jess Thibault

During Scorpion School, everyone is getting creative with their virtual tools, including science class!

Grade 7 is currently learning about chemical reactions and students recently had the option of creating a video to show an at-home lab. Students created the lab procedures using their knowledge of proper experimentation and a variable of their choice. Check out some of their results.


The purpose of the lab was to determine the effect of temperature, surface area, or concentration (choice of one) on the rate of a chemical reaction. Students could design and write up a protocol or complete a video with narration of the protocol.

Students learned that several factors influence chemical reaction rate. Catalysts and inhibitors also influence reaction rate, but are too challenging to test in an at-home kitchen lab. The reaction is both a physical and chemical change. The tablets dissolve (physical) and fizz (chemical-reaction of baking soda and citric acid in water to produce carbon dioxide bubbles). Students can visualize the end of the reaction when the tablet fully dissolves as a means for data collection.  - Mrs. Gallivan


Here are a few student-made videos of their home kitchen science protocols!

Rhea Skaria: Alka-Seltzer and Surface Area

Kate Pelfrey: Egg Dye Tablets and Temperature

Sitara Reganti: Alka-Seltzer and Temperature

Nice work, students!

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