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Jess Thibault

On the very last day of March 2020, our students started their first day of distance learning. Sage Ridge students set up at-home workspaces to start Scorpion School at their own homes. Currently, while this note is being written, the amount of time that students will continue to participate in distance learning is still undetermined. However, in the face of such uncertainty, the Sage Ridge community is really showing how positive it can be. Although some of our community went into Scorpion School with nervous thoughts, the transition has been made very well. Students across grade levels had positive attitudes, even with the disruption that COVID-19 brought to our school. This positivity is something that every member of our community has helped with, and it is something that our community should be very proud of. - Kira Romberg ('22)

Kira's reflections perfectly summarize the poise and willingness of the students of Sage Ridge School as they moved their learning experience to an online environment this week. Navigating technical issues did not diminish the spirit with which they each greeted each other and happily reunited in the pursuit of knowledge. Read on for more student reflections about day 1.

My first day at Sage School was really fun! At first I was a little stressed about settling in and could not access gallery view on my zoom call, but I was able to figure everything out and I had an awesome first day at Sage School!
-Sophie Najjar ('26)

My first day of Scorpion School was awesome, I got to meet everyone’s pets in science class! The whole day was full of not only regular learning, but learning how to use zoom as well as getting exposed to this new technology. Whenever I needed support or had a question the teachers replied within minutes which made it easier to understand the content we were learning. 
-Hayley Burns ('26)

My first day of distance learning went better than I expected...I was able to find motivation in starting work as well as getting into the right headspace for school. 
-Ngoc Tran ('22)

It was pretty good so far and I like it.
-Matthew Latterell ('28)

The thing that surprised me was how relaxed the “school day” was. It was not as stressful as I thought it would be. 
Nhi Phan ('21)

[Day one] was really good -- it was so refreshing to see people again, even remotely, and everything flowed well.
- Madeleine Jones ('24)

Really awesome to be with my friends, even if they are on the computer.
-Bradley Joyer ('27)

My first day was amazing! I enjoyed getting to see my classmates' pets and share my pet with them in advisory.  
-Milana Gangloff ('27)


It was fun! I liked seeing everyone again!
-Faith Phillips ('24)

Overall my first day went pretty well and everything had a bit of a normal feel to it which was nice. 
-William Ferrell ('24)

I really enjoyed doing the zoom and was surprised by how much closer it made me feel to my classmates. It worked well once I figured it out and was very helpful. 
-Mckenzie Garrett ('24)

Great and fun!!!
-Tasha Schuler ('29)

Go Scorpions! Go Scorpion School!

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