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Tobin Bechtel

What an exciting week for Sage Ridge! Being able to announce to our students and the wider community about our intention to start construction of a new Student Activity Center (SAC) with an anticipated opening in January 2022 is a huge step for our school. This is about much more than a facility — it is about fulfilling our mission. 

While we are well known for the academic challenge we have provided for students since our founding, scholarship is only one of our pillars. Our focus on liberal arts and sciences provides a framework that only an independent school can provide — the original conception of the freedom to pursue principled practice to prepare for active participation in civic life. In Ancient Rome, this meant developing the mind and body in the pursuit of intellectual character. Our pillars and our mission prompt us to challenge our students to participate widely in the classroom, on the court and in creative activities. 

The SAC will give our students expanded opportunities to be involved in a wide range of activities that will engage their minds and bodies. It will allow our students to push to the next level as well as become the heart and home of the community. We take pride in the number of Academic State Championships our students have earned in a wide array of sports and know that this facility will provide the basis to excel ever higher as we finally have a home for our athletics and activities. A place we can host tournaments, celebrate as a whole community and extend hospitality to the wider community. 

As a whole, I believe a Sage Ridge education sets the foundation of critical thinking and a values-centered disposition needed for pursuing a life with purpose. To paraphrase Robert Maynard Hutchins, our aim in providing a liberal arts education is to instill the value of human excellence both private and public — meaning excellence as a person and as a member of society. I believe that as learners steeped in our values they are poised to succeed in careers that do not yet exist. In creating a new facility, we expand our ability to offer opportunities for our students to become the successful versions of themselves.

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