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Tobin Bechtel

This week marks the fruition of a new tradition at Sage Ridge School, "Commitment Week." Over this past week 8th grade students had a series of opportunities to learn more about the Upper School culminating with a commitment day yesterday. I am thrilled to announce that we have 22 students already committed to continuing their educational journey at Sage Ridge. We are well on our way to building the largest incoming 9th grade class ever at Sage Ridge.

While I hear students sometimes state they want to leave Sage Ridge for a bigger high school experience with more social opportunities and class offerings, the power of our small school actually offers our students tremendous opportunities. Our smallness provides close relationships with students across all grades of the Upper School. These become the relationships that last a lifetime. Our smallness enables deep student engagement to learning with faculty building bonds with students that last all four years in an environment that supports every student. Their potential is recognized and encouraged with the community championing their successes and supporting them when they fail along the way. Through all these experiences, our students become the best versions of themselves.

Our smallness provides students the opportunities to participate on athletic teams, perform in the arts, and expand or hone a skill with robotics, speech and debate, JCL, mock trial and more. The growth of our students as they participate in these extra curricular events encourage resiliency, teamwork, leadership, and connection to our greater community. 

While we would love for every student to stay at Sage Ridge, we respect each family's decision to leave and these families will always still be part of our ever growing community. We will also be welcoming new families and students into our Upper School which creates new friendships and dynamics during the high school years. We are so excited for this incoming class next year and all those to follow.

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