The Unexpected Joy of a Snow Day

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Tobin Bechtel

There is a time honored joy that comes from having an unexpected day to sleep in, catch up, have fun when the elements are not cooperating. I remember a college friend from Southern India who had never seen snow in person before and the wonder he had when classes were called off for a day - twenty year olds making snow sculptures. I know some of our children (young and old!) felt like Christmas had come again yesterday. My hope is that the snow day provided some time to be a family, play together and for our older students to be snow removal labor.  

Sage Ridge is proud to be a that school focuses on academic challenge - as we proclaim in our mission, we students who “embrace rigorous scholarship.” At the same time the rest of our mission speaks to how our pillars guide us in developing intellectual character and that we always need to keep in mind how our students are developing as a whole. We actually have more school time than any other school in the area when you calculate in the amount of time added when we begin and end school. 

Importantly, I believe our children actually return to school with renewed vigor after days like these. We know that study is hard work. We know our teachers have high expectations. We also know that many children nationwide are being ‘zoomed out’. I believe we are fortunate as a community that we can actually balance the ability to challenge our students while still letting them be children. 


PS - Please join us next Thursday to meet with Dr. Michael Thompson, an internationally known psychologist, who will be talking with our community about how we connect with our children during a pandemic, whether they and near or far. We want to especially invite our grandparents to this community event.

  • head's note
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