Waffle Wednesday and Adi Venner Featured on Channel 2 News!

Michelle Gallivan-Wallace

As September came to a close, so did Waffle Wednesday. Adi and her team of Grade 4 students (and parents) want to thank the Sage Ridge community for their support of the Waffle Wednesday initiative. The students were overwhelmed with the success of the program and I know that I am impressed with the group.

As I made my final waffle purchase, I asked Adi to summarize the experience. She was inspired to help after talking with her dad, an air force veteran who served during the Afghanistan conflict. The two talked about the war as well as the current events.  Adi was inspired to help bring the freedoms she enjoys to the people of Afghanistan. She knows how lucky she is to have opportunities such as education, athletics, and career choices as an American woman. From this came the theme of Waffle Wednesday - "How lucky we are."

Adi learned about community during the project. She and her peers worked together to package the waffles and attach the Venmo flyer. Students worked on money skills and communication skills. Adi learned that teamwork is not always easy, but delegating jobs and communicating were essential skills. Overall, the girls had lots of fun working together. Adi was happy to hear that her project has inspired other students to brainstorm ideas about community service. Lower and Middle School government will support community service ideas in the months to come with support from the Advancement Department. We all love how the spirit of giving back can be contagious.

Adi has exceeded her goal of raising $2000 for her cause. She and her dad were able to contact and meet a representative from NNIC here in Reno. The Northern Nevada International Center is working to support Afghan refugees with housing, schooling, and relocation services. Last Wednesday, a crew from Channel 2 News was on campus to interview Adi and NNIC. Watch the interview here!

We are very proud of Adi and the Grade 4 crew!



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