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Tobin Bechtel

There are literally too many things to write about this week. I can actually make this claim for almost any week at Sage Ridge.

From our productive first Board meeting of the year to cheering crowds at the varsity girls and boys basketball games. That was only Saturday! On Sunday I received a wonderful email from JA dance chaperones complimenting our students on their respect and manners above all other attendees from schools around Reno.  On Monday, I observed students creating Blues riffs, examining the historical roots of anti-Semitism, learning the art of printmaking, and tackling coding challenges. On Tuesday the PA met and had an insightful session with Molly Dahl on our Mindful SEAD program and learned that science has proven it is impossible to multitask. On Tuesday evening and Thursday morning I hosted two more roundtable with parents to exchange perspectives on our school programs. On Wednesday, we had our regular faculty meeting and delved into job descriptions as well as meeting with task forces and departments across the school. On Tuesday and Wednesday, our MS girls volleyball squads secured victories versus Christian Excel and Doral. On Wednesday and Thursday, MS students worked with a professional puppeteer in theatre classes. On Thursday, students were debating the significance of the 19th amendment, learning killer pickle ball shots and strategy, and graphing scientific data to create hypotheses. 

Whew! And these are only a few highlights of things I directly witnessed. And all in a regular week at Sage Ridge. I believe any student at Sage Ridge could actually write an even fuller account of their weeks. I challenge all parents to go ahead and press them beyond the regular short sentence summary of their days. Ask questions and engage - because we have a lot a great things going on every day.

PS - Join us on 21 February at 8:15 in our Crossbow Loft for the second book club of the year. We will discuss Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girl by Lisa Damour. Don't let the title fool you - whether you have boys or girls this is well worth reading for all parents.


  • head's note
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