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Hello and welcome!

Ralph Waldo Emerson proclaimed “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” My enthusiasm for Sage Ridge stems from the fact that our school shares my deepest values and passions:

  • developing authentic academic excellence for all learners
  • creating opportunities for leadership through a wide variety of athletics, arts and activities
  • fostering and supporting teaching that inspires curiosity, critical thinking, and innovation
  • supporting a school culture that guides every child's development through our pillars of Scholarship, Respect, Integrity, Courage, and Community

The spirit of our mission reaches out locally and globally as our students and alumni engage in making a difference in the world. Our community spirit connects us as we work together to support a great learning environment so our students can thrive. That same spirit connects us to our wider community through service, partnerships and good will.

Building on these strong foundations is critical in preparing our students for the future. Innovations in neuroscience and advances in psychology are deepening our understanding of what works in education. Even as the skills and dispositions needed for taking on the challenges of the future shift, we are recognizing that the core is still developing intellectual character in liberal arts and sciences. This is so critical thinking and engaged citizens are honed as they become life-long learners. A Sage Ridge education sets all our students on a path to make a difference well past graduation - applying courageous scholarship with integrity and respect to contribute to their communities.

If you are new to our community or considering joining us, please explore our site and social media and then visit us to see for yourself why our community is a perfect place to learn, grow and succeed.



Tobin S. Bechtel, Head of School

Tobin Bechtel

Tobin Bechtel

Head of School

Our Mission:

Sage Ridge School graduates curious and confident citizens who embrace rigorous scholarship, respect the dignity of individuals, choose integrity, embody courage, cultivate a compassionate community, and ultimately thrive in college and in our global society.


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As we come to the end of our third week in session, I am grateful that we have been able to start off well. This year will be different. And these differences will impact us all but in many different ways...

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In Muir Woods there is a wonderful place of peace called Cathedral Grove. Ancient redwood trees are natural columns and spires that reach higher, and have been around longer than most manmade cathedrals...

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It is incredibly important today that we do not build on fear. This is all too easy to do when we are inundated with contrary claims that advocate for wildly different measures and algorithms channel information to us based on our ‘preferences’ through past searches...

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As we prepare campus for reopening and welcome back teachers next week, I have been concentrating on the pragmatic and the practical. And while the practical is critical to consider, I was reminded during our parent webinars that the purpose is that much more important...

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