Two Divisions, One School...


It only takes a few moments of conversation with a Sage Ridge student to realize that something special is happening in and out of our school’s classrooms.  Central to the Sage Ridge education is the everyday relationship between students and teachers.  Students collaborate with faculty in a safe, compassionate environment strengthened by common values, self-reliance, and optimism.  Our faculty works with all students, addressing their strengths and weaknesses to help them acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions to succeed in their collegiate career.

Classes are the hubs of learning where students share ideas, work together to solve problems, and take ownership of their learning. College prep classes in all departments are small in size and allow for teachers and students to get to know each other and work together on a daily basis. Because of this individual attention and one-on-one support, Sage Ridge School students achieve notable success with their coursework.  We take pride in the fact that no one falls through the cracks. We provide our students with a challenging college preparatory curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for intellectually capable adolescents. The classes in our curriculum are led by engaging and dedicated teachers who have high expectations for all students while always putting the students first. These outstanding teachers use our Pillars of Respect, Integrity, Community, Courage, and Scholarship as a framework for class discussions and atmosphere, creating an educational environment in which students feel supported, respected, included, and safe.

In our Middle School and Upper School, students strive to achieve academic success and healthy personal development. The curriculum for Grades 4-12 is carefully crafted to build from year to year students’ content knowledge and skill set. Students who leave our Middle School are prepared to be successful for Upper School and with the foundation for a life-time of learning and growth. Year after year, our Upper School students are well prepared for higher education with 100 percent of graduating Seniors continuing their studies at colleges and universities throughout the United States.