Academics Overview

Something special is happening at Sage Ridge School.

Students obtain content knowledge in the liberal arts disciplines while at the same time they acquire invaluable problem solving and critical thinking skills that are vital to success in the 21st century. Our academic philosophy is rooted in the belief that today's students need a broad education that includes studies in a variety of disciplines from the arts to the sciences. While we value content knowledge, we also value students' social emotional development and the development of their 'soft skills.'

Amazingly, our teachers are able to create supportive and nurturing classroom environments where there are high expectations for student success and engagement. As one circulates around the School and visits classrooms, learning environments are observed where students and teachers respect each other and value learning. Students are taking intellectual risks, are learning about how to succeed well and falter gracefully, and are growing and learning every day.

Three schools, One campus

Lower School: Grades 3-5

Flexible, personalized engagement is the priority of our self-contained, lower school classrooms. Our youngest scholars are always active.

They are hungry for knowledge and our teachers keep pace with their eagerness through a myriad of techniques that encourage hands-on engagement and critical thinking. 


Middle School: Grades 6-8

While early adolescence is often considered a difficult time in a child’s life, Sage Ridge teachers see it as a rich and rewarding time of growth.

Our teachers meet the challenges of these years because they possess content knowledge, teaching expertise, and a deep understanding of how to support social-emotional learning.


Upper School: grades 9-12

At Sage Ridge we understand that our Upper School launches a student’s future. 

High school is a time for students to discover their passions while engaging in rigorous critical thinking and gaining mastery of academic disciplines. Leadership skills are cultivated through vast opportunities to create a lasting impact.


College Counseling

Our small classes are further augmented by our full-time college counselor and comprehensive college counseling service.

Focused on finding the best-fit school for each student, we spend all four years of high school helping students find and prepare for their next step. 

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Sage Session

One of the most unique aspects of our school are the two-week,
interdisciplinary classes all students take during Sage Session. 

Students have the opportunity to learn more about unique topics and participate in activities outside of the classroom. 

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