Challenge Success

What is Challenge Success?

Challenge Success is a non-profit affiliated with the Stanford University Graduate School of Education. We provide schools and families with proven strategies that promote well-being and engagement with learning in order to transform the student experience into one where all kids can create their own paths to success.


  • Narrow definition of success can result in undue stress for students and impede engagement with learning.

  • Many students are disengaged and just “doing school.” Lack of: creativity, 21st century skills, resiliency, and complex problem solving.

  • Adolescent anxiety, depression, and suicide ideation are increasing at alarming rates.  Sleep deprivation is prevalent (consequences!).

  • Misconception that academic rigor and student well-being are mutually exclusive.  Rigor≠Load.


Challenge Success' solution

It’s time to embrace a broader definition of success and transform the student experience.

We believe that all students should be valued for their own interests, unique talents, and individual definitions of success. They shouldn’t have to choose between doing well and being well.

Success is measured over the course of a lifetime, not at the end of a semester.”

our north star: sAGE rIdge SCHOOL'S Challenge success mission

Sage Ridge is an authentic community where every student is valued for who they are and is supported in their growth to become the best versions of themselves. Instruction is intentional, engaging and purposeful, assessments aim to provide choice and to capture learning through formative means, and students are active participants in their own learning. Sage Ridge supports students in being respectful, courageous scholars who value integrity and community through their engagement with their education.


  • Sitara Reganti ‘25
  • Michael Skaria ‘25
  • Tara McGann (US)
  • Jennifer Kuehn (MS)
  • Emily Dolan (P ‘27, 29)
  • Robert Lamb
  • Robin Soran (P ‘23, 25)

Our Multi-Stakeholder Team’s Goals

  1. Improve student wellness by listening to students.

    • Our students are polite, empathetic, respectful

    • Teenagers often avoid asking for help because they want to be independent

    • Offer channels for students to develop self-advocacy skills

  2. Examine the school’s approach to homework and assessment.

    • How can we increase student engagement in learning? 

    • How do we foster a love for life-long learning? 

    • How can we make assessments more relevant? 

    • How can we reduce honor code violations?



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