College Visit Guide

Visiting colleges is one of the best ways to explore campuses, assess your options for higher education, and find a good match. If you are planning any college visits during school breaks in February and/or April, here are some helpful tips and resources to consider: 

Be Intentional & Strategic…

 Contact admission offices directly to register for an official tour and information session. Colleges and universities have tour registration forms available online, so check admission websites for campus visit options. Connecting with admission officers while on campus shows "demonstrated interest," which can help in the application review process, especially with smaller colleges tracking such “touch points.” Also, if possible, it may be useful to meet the admission rep for Nevada at the schools you visit, since they may read your application and come to Reno in the fall to recruit students. 

Be Prepared, Ask Questions & Keep Score… 

This Campus Visit Checklist from The College Board will help you make the most of your campus visits.
This Campus Visit Scorecard will help you track and remember college features and your impressions while on campus.
This Pocket Guide published by the National Survey of Student Engagement provides an array of questions to ask while touring.
The document, “Finding the Right Fit” from Seattle University’s Admissions Office, will help you to gauge your college selection criteria. 

Do Your Homework … 

It helps to review profiles of colleges in official guides before you go. We have copies of a variety of guides available for students to borrow.