Find the Right Fit

Here are some questions to consider when choosing a college. Take the Printable Form with you when you visit the College Counselor. 


The size of a university can affect class sizes, access to a variety of majors, research opportunities and personal experience. Think about the settings in which you typically thrive...will the student population of you college/university be important to you?

Type of School: 

Are you interested in a two year or four year school?  Public or private?  For what kind of degree (and experience) are you looking?  Identifying this characteristic will help you narrow down your choices.


Are you still trying to figure out your major of interest?  Perhaps a college or university with lots of options is best.  Know for sure that you want to study something specific?  You can shorten your list by seeking out schools that offer that degree.

Student Life:

Interested in Greek life?  Are you interested in athletics?  Do you want a school with a fantastic outdoor recreational or extra-curricular theatre program?  Do some research to make sure your life outside the classroom will be satisfying.


What is your ideal college campus?  Is it in or near a city?  Does it need to be close to wilderness and nature?  How close or far away would you like to be from home?  Never underestimate the importance of location in terms of your own interests and needs.