The Journey to College Readiness Begins Today...


Sage Ridge School is special. We are the only college preparatory school in Northern Nevada and the only school to employ a full-time Director of College Counseling. Our curriculum and programs in middle school and high school Grades 4-12 are aligned and formulated so that students leave the School with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to meet and exceed standards and expectations at all schools, even the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities.

At Sage Ridge School, we guide students through the college selection process beginning in their first year of high school. Teachers work on a daily basis to give students the tools and skills to be successful in college; our college counselor works on a daily basis to make sure students find and are accepted to the right “match.”

A perfect match is a school that fits a student's academic aspirations, but it’s more that. A good fit is a school that matches the student's desire for location, size, and social life. Students find the right match by first finding out and discovering who they are and what they want out of a college or university experience.

In Grade 9, students establish an academic foundation and set goals for the future. In Grades 10 and 11, students continue to set goals by clarifying their priorities, researching their interests, and honing their strengths. Additionally, students in Grade 11 typically visit schools with their families or with school-sponsored college tours with the Director of College Counseling. Seniors work closely with the teachers and the college counseling director on both essays and applications.

Our college counseling program strikes a careful balance between strong student initiatives, continual feedback, and timely information. Parents know their children better than anyone, so the college search is a collaboration between students, families, and the Director of College Counseling.

After graduating from one of the top college preparatory schools in Nevada, our seniors are confident and prepared to succeed beyond the secondary school walls.  One hundred percent of our graduates continue on to a four-year institution. We send them off to small colleges and large universities. They attend schools that are nearby and schools that are across the country. With them they take their Sage Ridge School experiences, an abundance of knowledge and skills, and the lessons of our pillars – Respect, Integrity, Community, Courage, and Scholarship.