Art Department

The Sage Ridge School Arts Department strives to offer experiences that foster creative and critical thinking, self-discipline, and lifelong learning for students, offering students opportunities in visual arts, music, and theatre.

The department incorporates developmental benchmarks from the National Standards for Arts Education, the 21st Century Skills Map for the Arts, and the National Association for Music Education Standards. With these standards as a guide, students learn to understand themselves and their world by creating, expressing, and communicating meaning through the arts. The arts are a universal language and fundamental to the healthy development of children’s minds and spirits for future educational growth.

Our college prep art classes nurture students’ creative talents in all grades. Middle school students take visual arts, music, and theatre classes. High school students take Art Foundations, Theatre Foundations, and Music Foundations. Electives include Studio Art, Ceramics, Advanced Placement Studio Art, and Independent Study opportunities.

In our arts classes, students learn about artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context, and aesthetic valuing. They learn about the connections, relationships, and application of art. Students perform and create, but they also read, research, and write as a way to reflect on their own observations, experiences, and ideas about visual arts, music, and theatre. Students learn about the connections, relationships, and application of art.

Curriculum Pathways

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Courses Offered:

  • Lower School
    • Grade 3 Arts Rotation
    • Grade 4 Arts Rotation
    • Grade 5 Arts Rotation
  • Middle School
    • Grade 6 Arts Rotation
    • Grade 7 Arts Rotation
    • Grade 8 Visual Art (Elective)
    • Grade 8 Theatre (Elective)
    • Grade 8 Music (Elective)
    • Grade 8 Coding (Elective), refer to Technology Department
  • Upper School
    • Grade 9 Rotating Arts Options
    • Grade 10 Visual and Performing Arts Foundations
    • Studio Art (Elective)
    • Ceramics (Elective)
    • Advanced Studio Art (Elective)
    • AP Studio Art (Elective)
    • Advanced Ceramics (Elective)
    • Advanced Theatre I - IV (Elective)
    • Media Arts I - IV (Elective)
    • Music Performance & Production I - IV (Elective)