Math Department

The mission of the Mathematics Department is to meld both the college preparatory part of mathematics and the personal understanding of logic as a tool to see and understand the world.

Whether a student plans on majoring in mathematics in college or is taking math classes just to fulfill a requirement, the philosophy is the same. Students leave Sage Ridge Mathematics equipped to successfully take math classes in college and are able to use logic to problem solve.

Mathematics opens doors for everyone, regardless of where they end their mathematics education.

The primary goal of any college preparatory mathematics department is to produce the greatest number of students who have the potential and interest to pursue advanced academic learning in mathematics and related fields and are able to use mathematics within non-math fields. As part of this, all students must start college prepared for any mathematics courses necessary to their chosen field of study. That goal starts with student mastery of mathematics while still in high school. The final outcome for the students will be the broadest possible range of career choices after college. The goal of mathematics education is to open up doors for the learner that would not be open otherwise.

On an individual level, when students delve deeply into mathematics, they gain experience with pure reasoning. Later, they learn to connect logic to the greater world. Mathematics starts with principles and concepts. Everyone must be able to find the sum of two and three before they can see more, but the sum is only the start. An adult, through experiences with the numbers, sees the logic behind the sum. Two plus three does not equal five because an elementary teacher said so, but because it is an intrinsic part of this world where two plus three always equals five.


The power of mathematics comes from the link between mathematical reasoning and conceptual understanding and content.

Mathematics is a concise way of symbolizing the world. It takes things that appear disparate and shows them as the same. Mathematics is a beautifully simple way to model the ways that the world works. Learning mathematics teaches the student logic, which later translates to understanding the world more fully, more simply and more beautifully.

Curriculum Pathways

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Courses Offered:

  • Lower School
    • Grade 3 Math
    • Grade 4 Math
    • Grade 5 Math
  • Middle School
    • Grade 6 Math
    • Grade 6 Extended Curriculum
    • Algebra IA
    • Algebra IB
    • Algebra IAB 
    • Formal Geometry
  • Upper School
    • Formal Geometry
    • Algebra II CP/Honors
    • Precalculus with Limits CP/Honors
    • CP Calculus 
    • AP Calculus AB 
    • AP Calculus BC
    • Multivariable Calculus
    • Math Independent Study
    • AP Statistics (Elective)