Technology Department

No machine can replace the student teacher relationship here at Sage Ridge.

We use computers as a means to enhance the educational experience and to prepare students for the future not just in college but in their careers as well as most jobs today require computer use on a daily basis.

Throughout the Lower and Middle School years, students take computer and coding classes. Students learn the basics of Google applications and file management. They also begin to learn the importance of digital citizenship and appropriate online etiquette. In addition, students learn the foundations of computer programming through, Scratch, and other online environments.

During the 2019-20 school year a new schedule was created which allowed students more choices for electives.

In the Upper School, students can take more advanced elective classes. Engineering and Robotics teaches the design process and concepts to construct a robot, as well as programming skills to guide the robot through challenges. Student can also take Pre-AP and AP Computer Science, focusing on Javascript and Java. 


All students have access to cutting edge equipment in our Innovation Lab. Students utilize this space in classes and on their own time after school for personal projects. 

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Department Director

Derek Fitzpatrick

Derek Fitzpatrick

System Administrator

Curriculum Pathways

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Courses Offered:

  • Lower School
    • Grade 3 Intro to Computers I
    • Grade 4 Intro to Computers II
    • Grade 5 Coding
  • Middle School
    • Grade 6 Coding
    • Grade 7 Coding
    • Grade 8 Intro to Javascript (Elective)
  • Upper School (Electives)
    • Honors Pre-AP Computer Science (Elective)
    • AP Computer Science A (Elective)
    • Honors Software Engineering (Elective)
    • Honors Software Engineering II (Elective)
    • Engineering Design and Robotics I - IV (Elective)