Innovation Lab

The tools in our Innovation Lab combined with the guidance of our Director of Innovation, empower students to create visionary projects and engage in a whole new level of hands-on learning. Donated resources provided by the Edwin L. Wiegand Trust in 2018 kickstarted the space. Sage Ridge School now provides students with access to a green screen video studio, podcasting equipment, drones, infrared cameras, high-end laptops, Virtual Reality goggles, Adobe Creative Cloud, 3D printers, and a large format poster printer.

Sage Ridge students Ben Browder and Sydney Chang used innovation, science, history, and English to demonstrate “The Effect of Salinity on Degradation of Ocean Pollutants”. They created their ocean pollution report by making a large poster and a 3D map for their presentation. 

3D printer model

Sage Ridge Director of Innovation, David Kuehn, says the students are not the only lucky ones—he too is privileged to be learning more about what these great tools can do, and supports increased technology integration campus-wide.

Having the opportunity to use technology beyond what is used in the normal classroom setting allowed me to complete creative projects through a medium that I haven’t used in the classroom setting before. When the word ‘project’ comes up in class, most students think of drawings or posters covered with text and pictures. ‘Green Screen’ is not something the average student thinks of using to complete an assignment. The Innovation Lab provided the supplies to create something interesting and creative that isn’t normally in the range of mediums for a project.

Ben Browder (‘24)



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All School Community Service Day

This year, Sage Ridge had its first ever All School Community Service Day! On Wednesday, February 5th, the whole school participated in a service activity that benefited the community somehow. Everyone helped in different ways. A group of parents and staculty members organized the service opportunities, transportation, and supervision for the activities.

Behind the Scenes of Matilda!

Sage Ridge School puts on two theatrical productions a year, typically one play and one musical. This year, the Sage Ridge theater crew put on the musical Matilda, based on the book Matilda by Roald Dahl.

Students at a Buddy Event

For over 20 years, our grade 8 students have served as mentors to first grade students at Bernice Mathews Elementary School as part of our Buddy Program. 

Explore Extracurriculars: Mock Trial

A Mock Trial team was officially formed in 2019 at Sage Ridge. In Mock Trial, students role play a trial, acting as various legal professionals and witnesses to learn about the legal process and what a trial may actually look like. 

Grade 3 Chautauqua

In January 2020, Grade 3 students led by Mrs. Bratt prepared and delivered Chautauqua speeches on historical figures of their choice. In this process, Grade 3 students were introduced to research tasks, built public speaking skills within their class, and learned about notable people from history.