The Freshman Experience

Freshman Seminar

The Freshman Seminar equips students with the dispositions, skills, and knowledge that set them up for success in our upper school, college, and life.

Through a year-long class within the English department, students gain an awareness of upper school expectations and an understanding of how to meet them. They also strengthen organizational skills and develop strategies that will help them thrive, such as those for managing time and stress and avoiding perfectionism. The course promotes habits of mind that enable students to face challenges, bounce back from setbacks, and learn from failure, in the process developing resilience, confidence, and growth mindsets.  

The Freshman Seminar is grounded in our five pillars. Units on critical thinking, media literacy and digital citizenship, public speaking, civics, finding your passions, respecting our differences and serving our communities, and college counseling distill our pillars and extend them into the classroom. Students

  • Grasp the role of inquiry and critical thinking in scholarship,
  • Engage in civil discourse and gain respect for different perspectives,
  • Expand their understanding of our pillar of integrity,
  • Cultivate the courage to embrace challenges,
  • Reflect on the importance of community and appreciate diversity.
Students at EZAir

Freshman Retreat

The Ninth Grade Retreat is intended as a way to acclimatize the incoming freshman cohort at Sage Ridge. The acting Grade Level Team Leader typically identifies and organizes the venue and activities but the objective is consistently the same each year: to familiarize the ninth grade class with each other and the school’s culture. This has the benefit of introducing new students to those who are transitioning from the middle school and reduces the anxiousness of not knowing anyone on the first day of classes. Past retreats have been held at Tahoe, Reno Parks, and local activity areas like Easy Air. The activities usually consist of ice-breakers and team-building exercises.

Freshman Advisory Program

Ninth grade advising typically involves coordinating between the students’ best academic interests, their parents, and school administrators. Advising assures that everyone in each of these clusters has a solid notion about what is going on. Sometimes this coordination involves large school functions like Outdoor Education Week. At other times, it involves working between the school administrators and faculty, and the student and their parents, to address any issues that may occur and ensure that the best interests of the student and the school are maintained.