What does it feel like to be a student at Sage Ridge?

We foster a sense of belonging at Sage Ridge by creating an educational environment in which students feel like part of a community. Monday mornings begin with divisional Town Meetings and the week ends with an all-school Town Meeting where the entire student body comes together to share announcements, accomplishments, and even jokes. Town meetings are a time when adults and students join to celebrate a common love of Sage Ridge. Other days begin with advisory meetings where small groups of students meet with a faculty advisor who provides social, moral, and personal coaching to help advisees become confident, compassionate community members. Advisory time activities are responsive to the needs of the students and are organized by the Grade Level Team Leaders. Activities might include personality tests, career exploration, art projects, advisory buddy games, or time to hang out and talk.

Students in our college preparatory Middle and Upper School are challenged by their course work; they are also encouraged to try new things for clubs and Mini-Session. They are offered unique opportunities in the arts and athletics as well. Middle School students are introduced to a college preparatory curriculum and gain new student skills with the support of their teachers and parents. They play and spend time together on the playground and field, and in the Great Space. Upper School students become more self-sufficient in their college prep classes and in life skills while working toward graduation requirements. They hang out together in the Loft, on the courts, and at the Crossbow patio. All of the students at our private prep school enjoy Student Government social activities and repeatedly note Outdoor Education week as the highlight of their year.

Aside from the activities and opportunities at Sage Ridge, the student experience here is unique because of the dynamic relationships between the students and the adults. The faculty, staff, and coaches at Sage Ridge School are committed and determined to help all students reach their potential. In class, the teachers strive to inspire students in a challenging and safe environment. In the Reno, Nevada community and outside of class, the adults of Sage Ridge support students’ interests and care about their personal growth. We trust our students and expect them to do the right things and honor our Value Pillars and Honor Code. When they stumble, they receive support and guidance from adults dedicated to aiding students on their journeys from adolescence to adulthood.

This is the Sage Ridge way.