Affording SRS

At Sage Ridge School, we believe education is the best investment for a child’s future. We strive to make our unparalleled program as financially accessible as possible, to all those families for whom our mission and programs are an ideal fit. Sage Ridge School is committed to being an inclusive community with a student body that reflects a broad economic and social mix with a diversity of interests, talents, backgrounds, and levels of involvement beyond the classroom. No qualified student should be deterred by financial circumstances from applying to SRS. Families who feel they need assistance are encouraged to apply for aid.

These facts may help you determine if Sage Ridge is within your reach. 

For the 2019-2020 school year, we granted $623,240 in tuition assistance to qualifying families in grades 3-12. 

2019-2020 Tuition

The cost of tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is $21,900 (grades 4-12) and $16,100 (grade 3). 

We recognize that this is a major investment in your child’s education and future. To assist families in affording this educational choice, we offer payment options and encourage families to apply for financial aid by the end of January. 

Payments on tuition can be made by installments or upfront. Payments by installment are managed by Blackbaud Tuition Management (formerly Smart Tuition) and families who opt for installments are required to purchase tuition insurance. Tuition insurance is available to all families as well. 

Costs in Addition to Tuition

Activity Fee

For the 2019-2020 school year the activity fee is $1,100. This covers each students' Outdoor Education Week trip, student activities, field trips, the advisory program, aspects of Sage Session, graduation, and a yearbook for each student. 


Students use laptop computers on a daily basis at Sage Ridge. We provide in-class laptops for the Grade 3-5 classes. Students in Grades 6-12 purchase their own laptops through our partnership with Laptop Schools. The SRS Technology Department is pleased to offer a few select Lenovo laptop models that are not only durable but come with a three-year accidental damage protection warranty covering everything from drops to spills, a bundle of software used at SRS, and more. 

Laptop Program Packet


Textbooks range in cost per year and used copies are often available via Amazon or our Parents Association Used Sales each summer.
If purchasing new, the following total costs are typical:

  • Lower School: $200-400/year
  • Middle School: $500-700/year
  • Upper School: $700-800/year


Uniforms are a valued piece of our school philosophy. It signifies that students are one team, focused on learning. 

SRS uniforms can be purchased through Lands' End or used through the Parents' Association Used Sales. 

If purchasing an entire weekly wardrobe new, the cost will be $350-500 depending on the number of duplicate items purchased. Individual items cost $20-100 each. 


Lunch is available to pre-order on a weekly basis and prices range from $3.75-5.00 per day.

Microwaves are also provided for those who bring lunch from home. 

Sports Packs

Athletic participation is optional* but encouraged! Athletics fees are included in tuition with the exception of sports packs (warmups, uniforms, etc.). The costs of sports packs are:

  • Middle School $30-50/sport
  • Upper School $150-300/sport

*Upper School students are required to participate in 6 seasons of extracurriculars before graduation. Choices for extracurriculars include Athletics, Theatre, Robotics, Junior Classical League, or Speech & Debate.  

Financial Aid & Sage Ridge Scholars

What's the difference?

Financial aid is awarded based on financial need as demonstrated by the FAST application. These awards vary in size and application is available to any student. Sage Ridge Scholars are high-achieving, mission-appropriate students from socioeconomically diverse backgrounds who apply to the Sage Ridge Scholars program in grade 8 and are awarded a full scholarship for grades 9-12.

Learn more about applying to become a Sage Ridge Scholar. 

Financial Aid

In determining need, the guidelines of Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST), an organization used by independent schools nationwide, are followed. A family must submit completed financial aid forms to FAST  for each school year. Families who miss the deadlines for the financial aid application, or who do not return the re-enrollment contract with the deposit by specified deadline, risk losing their award. If a student is applying for admission after the deadline, but is interested in financial aid  the family should proceed with the FAST application regardless.

It is important to note that admissions decisions and financial aid awards are decided separately and that all financial aid information is strictly confidential.

The FAST application must be completed each year that financial aid is requested. Go to How to Apply to find out when forms are due this year.