How can I find out more about Sage Ridge School or the school profile?

Check out the About SRS tab on this website. Learn about our mission and how we add up in By the Numbers.

Can you be more specific about the types of students you are looking to admit to Sage Ridge?

Our students come from various backgrounds and schools. Sage Ridge serves Grades 4-12 as an independent, collece preparatory school, that seeks to provide both a rigorous academic curriculum and a diverse co-curricular program. We strive to reflect the greater Reno community and are looking for students who are willing to stretch and challenge themselves academically. Sage Ridge seeks students who are willing to be involved in our school community and who also have interests outside the school. We want students who, along with their parents, support our mission and our Value Pillars of Respect, Integrity, Community, Courage, and Scholarship.

How many applications have you received and how many openings are there for new students?

These numbers vary from year to year and from grade level to grade level.

Should I apply if my child has special learning needs or conditions that require accommodations?

The Admissions Committee considers students’ overall ability to be successful in the Sage Ridge community. Some students with special learning needs require no or minimal accommodations and do well at Sage Ridge School. We do not, however, have a designated learning specialist and do have limitations regarding the types of accommodations we are able to provide to students. During the application process, we rely on parents to disclose all relevant information involving their child’s learning so that the School can make an admissions decision with the child’s best interest in mind.

May international students apply to Sage Ridge School?

Yes. International students  who are fluent in English and who are ready to engage in a college preparatory curriculum may apply to Sage Ridge, but we are a day school and are not able to provide housing for international students. We expect students to live with an adult family member in the Reno, Nevada area.

Does Sage Ridge School Offer Campus Visits?

We do. All applicants are required to spend all or part of a day shadowing one of our students.  During the shadowing days, candidates for admission have a chance to talk with the Director of Admissions, participate in classes, meet teachers, and get to know the students.

What factors does Sage Ridge consider when making application decisions?

The Admissions Committee considers all of the required application documentation, testing results, the likelihood of the student’s success at Sage Ridge, and teacher feedback from shadowing days. Other factors considered include the number of openings, gender balance, and the composition of each class. We carefully consider each applicant because it is important to make a good match between the school and the applicant.

If my child is admitted to Sage Ridge, how are parents expected to support the School?

Parent support is key to the success of our college preparatory school. Parents who become involved send an important message to their children – that they support the school and that the family and the school share the same basic goals and values. We expect our parents to know the teachers, be involved with our Parent Association and support our class parents. Additionally, parents support the School by giving to the Annual Fund and attending the Gala.

May I apply again next year if my child is wait-listed or denied admission?

Yes; however, even if you are applying for the second time to Sage Ridge School, you must still complete the entire Application Process.