why sage ridge school

#1 Best College Prep Private School in Reno Area (Niche)

#1 High School in Reno Area for STEM (Niche)

#1 Most Challenging High School in Northern Nevada (Challenge Index)

Winner for Best Private School in Reno in 2021 and 2022 via Reno Gazette-Journal's "Best Of Reno" 

In the Top 1% of High Schools Nationally

Reno's Only Independent High School

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Sage Ridge students are confident citizens who are on a journey to college readiness. Read our viewbook and you will see why.

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Unparalleled College Readiness
Starting in Grade 3.

Experience the difference

Small class sizes and personal attention make a difference. 

At Sage Ridge School, our students are seen and known. Our average class size is 11 and our student-teacher ratio is 8:1. Teachers know students' names, strengths, weaknesses, and potential. Students and teachers work together to cultivate the intellect and character needed to be successful in our changing world. 

We Learn with Our Hands

Research, labs, dissections, modeling, and experimentation. 

Our teachers know that children learn best when they construct their own knowledge through tangible practice and investigation. Whether it be through lively literary discussions, debates on ethics in science, virtual reality explorations of ancient civilizations, human cadaver dissections, or guest lectures from experts in the field, our students experience the best teaching methods research can verify on a daily basis. And the accomplishments of our alumni are changing the world. 

We bUild Up our athletes

Our students embrace hard work – in the game and in the classroom.

Our alumni swim for Yale, play basketball at Stanford, play soccer at Duke, and play volleyball for Brandeis. We teach the top boys runner and top girls golfer in Nevada. Sage Ridge School employs high-caliber coaches, provides supportive team experiences, and cultivates the leadership skills necessary to be respected champions. 


Our students exemplify our pillar of Courage as they take the stage.

Our theatre performances have been selected to perform at Nevada's Thespian Competition. We've had students win awards for performances, singing, playwriting, monologues, short films and more. Sage Ridge School employs local artists and performing arts professionals to help foster our students' creativity and passion for the arts. Whether it's painting, sculpting, graphic design, singing, acting, or stage managing, our students have the opportunity to try it all!

It's hard to compare apples and oranges.

Our average AP pass rate is 88%, but we don't run the same AP program as everyone else. 

You may hear other high school students say they are taking 5-7 AP classes a year. But are they really taking a college level class? Our AP classes result in students who can pass their AP exams, thus validating our curriculum as equivalent to a real college course. In addition, all our students who receive AP credit on their transcripts are required to sit for the exam. This means that our pass rates are the highest in the region even with all our AP students taking the exams! 

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Lower School: Grades 3-5

Flexible, personalized engagement is the priority of our self-contained, lower school classrooms.

Our youngest scholars are always active. They are hungry for knowledge and our teachers keep pace with their eagerness through a myriad of techniques that encourage hands-on engagement and critical thinking. 

Our Lower School teachers meaningfully challenge students, while supporting the individual needs of each child and communicating directly with parents. Students start on the path towards independence in an environment emphasizing organization and self-reflection. Computer fluency, writing skills, and public speaking are seamlessly integrated across the curriculum. Engaging classroom activities make learning both innovative and fun. 

  • Classrooms are equipped with computers for every student for Grades 3-5.
  • Students take physical education every day and have a daily rotation of arts (music, theatre, or visual art) and coding classes.
  • Laboratory science classes are part of our core curriculum.
  • Students acquire study and organizational skills and engage in collaborative learning.
  • Advanced math is available for accelerated learners.

Middle School: Grades 6-8

While early adolescence is often considered a difficult time in a child’s life, Sage Ridge teachers see it as a rich and rewarding time of growth.

Our teachers meet the challenges of these years because they possess content knowledge, teaching expertise, and a deep understanding of how to support social-emotional learning. Students enter grade 7 as concrete observers and leave grade 8 with the capacity to analyze and think abstractly about complex problems while developing a strong sense of self. 

  • Laptops are fully integrated into our grades 6-8 curriculum.
  • Students take physical education every day and have a daily rotation of arts (music, theater, or visual art) and computer programming classes.
  • Computer programming classes focus on Robotics and JavaScript.
  • Laboratory science classes are part of our core curriculum.
  • Advanced math is available for accelerated learners.
  • Foreign language classes start in grade 6, with students taking one semester each of Latin and Spanish. Starting in grade 7, students choose one language on which to focus.

Upper School: grades 9-12

At Sage Ridge we understand that our Upper School launches a student’s future. 

High school is a time for students to discover their passions while engaging in rigorous critical thinking and gaining mastery of academic disciplines.

Leadership skills are cultivated through vast opportunities to create a lasting impact.

Captain a sport. Start a club. Become the Editor-in-Chief. Propose an Independent Study. Gather support for your Student Government campaign. Sit on the state board for the Junior Classical League. Star in the play. Present at a research conference. Intern at Tesla. 

We will support your dreams, so don't delay.

Do something with your wild, precious life. 

College Ready

Each year our graduating seniors matriculate at a wide range of best-fit colleges and universities across the country.