Case for Support

Sage Ridge School’s founding vision and the 20+ years spent achieving that vision have positioned our school to fulfill a unique role within the Reno community, just as the city’s own remarkable transformation is taking place. Student and community interest in Sage Ridge’s academic, athletic and arts programs continues to grow, and we must provide the facilities to support that growth. The AIM Capital Campaign will provide all of our students — and the greater community — the spaces necessary to excel in their unique interests and to magnify the power of the exceptional, world-class educational experience Sage Ridge School already provides.


We envision Sage Ridge School as a world-class independent school — playing a key role in Reno’s economic development:

  • Where we serve as a magnet for relocating families seeking first-rate, college preparatory educational experiences for their college-bound children.
  • Where we amplify our impact by reaching more deserving students who have dreams but not the means for an exceptional education.
  • Where our expanded physical plant and innovative programs enrich the broader Reno community.
  • Where we fulfill the promise of our founder by providing a rich and diverse learning environment that delivers exceptional, balanced and well-rounded education.


Despite Sage Ridge School’s recognition as one of the “smartest,” most challenging and best private high schools in the country, Sage Ridge’s programs are constrained by the outdated and inadequate physical campus. As the School continues to gain academic recognition, while aggressively promoting and strengthening its athletics program, the single largest limiting factor for even greater levels of academic or athletic achievement is the lack of dedicated physical space.

The School’s current “gym” cannot adequately serve the dynamic physical educational needs of our students and families let alone Sage Ridge’s growing athletics program. The gym cannot host home games for basketball or volleyball — putting our teams at a competitive disadvantage as they are forced to play at a neutral recreational facility or at an opposing team’s gym. Sage Ridge also lacks adequate fitness space for strength training and conditioning — a vital element for any school’s physical education, overall health or competitive athletics programs.

Similarly, the School’s dynamic (and popular) science and technology department offers students an opportunity to explore, create and innovate.  However, this can be hard to sustain, let alone grow, in its current cramped basic classroom. A proper STEM Laboratory will inspire students and the community at large to aim higher, think bigger and dream bolder to solve our planet’s most pressing challenges.

Lastly, the arts are an essential piece of the well-rounded and balanced educational experience Sage Ridge School — and other top-ranked independent schools — offer students and communities. As school art programs (performing as well visual arts) have been slashed across the nation, Sage Ridge School continues to expand its prolific art offerings. In fact, Sage Ridge’s drama program is recognized nationally despite being relegated to its current cramped creation, performance and viewing spaces. Imagine what a performing arts program could do for the Reno community and for the state of Nevada given the open, exciting possibilities of a proper theater.


In a phased approach, Sage Ridge School will build three new buildings for a total of 37,000 to 47,000 square feet of competition, teaching and learning space.

  • Phase I: The immediate goal is to build the Student Activity Center with a gymnasium at its core.
  • Future Phases:
    • Knowledge Lab — A space for research and exploration in technology, engineering, the sciences and the allied arts
    • Performing Arts Theater — A space for critical arts education as well as community engagement and educational offerings


The Reno community — as well as Sage Ridge School — is at a crossroads. Both are growing rapidly. Both are poised to realize their potential. Both have spent the past decades shoring up foundations that support future growth. Both are ready for something big.

Sage Ridge School has been planning and preparing for the right moment in time to launch, and that time is now.
To grow programs; to retain talented teachers, staff, students and families; to continue to attract new families to share in the commitment to educational excellence and to meet the growing need for more diverse exceptional educational options — Sage Ridge School must expand now.

Reno’s economic development, fueled by the influx of a growing technical and highly educated workforce, means greater demand for an outstanding college preparatory school. Sage Ridge has filled that role for the past 20+ years and is uniquely positioned to be Nevada’s leading educational offering. Only Sage Ridge School can be this for our local Reno community and for our growing state. A successfully expanded Sage Ridge School will be a leader and shining example of how all Nevadans can aim higher and think bigger to achieve their dreams.