Achieve. Innovate. Magnify.

We ask our students to aim high. We expect the same of ourselves in envisioning and planning for our school’s future.

The 21st century will require even greater levels of preparation, flexibility of thought and mastery of focus, while the multidisciplinary skills students will need are expanding. It is time for new facilities where students can collaborate, build, break, solve and soar. We, the school leadership, faculty and parents, believe the future for Sage Ridge School must include a Knowledge Lab, a Student Activity Center and a Performing Arts Theater. When Sage Ridge graduates depart 39°24’32.0”N 119°47’58.0”W, we want to make sure they are ready to set a course for wherever they choose to go with their lives.

The following information offers a glimpse of what makes Sage Ridge exemplary, as well as details about how AIM will expand our school’s reach and magnify its impact. 


Varsity Girls Basketball


Confidence is strengthened by competence.

After twenty years, our results are extraordinary. But achievement is not something a school bestows. It is something each student earns. Sage Ridge produces graduates who delight in learning, think critically and receive national recognition. 

Sage Ridge supports students’ achievements in all aspects of their lives. At Sage Ridge, we want students to draw upon and feel the power of all their talents — academic, athletic, artistic and even those for which they do not receive a grade. 



Exceptional classroom instruction tells only part of the story. 

Sage Ridge challenges students to find more in themselves than they thought possible. Our faculty genuinely engage with students, feed their curiosity and nurture that interest into something powerful and wonderful. Students attend genomics conferences, produce award-winning art, build robots, travel the world and take mini-semester courses on an eclectic mix of topics. They intern at museums and foundations, with sports teams and in legislatures. They camp, hike and conduct field studies, not for a grade, but just for the joy of discovery. 


Trunchbull and Miss Honey in Matilda


Making the biggest little school a little bit bigger.

Our campaign will magnify the power of the exceptional, world-class curriculum we provide. Our educational programming has reached the limits of what we can do within our current facilities. To continue the Sage Ridge story of courageous achievement and innovation, we are investing in a development plan for our next 20 years. After extensive research, we have set our sights on three new buildings and a master plan for the future.


AIM for the future.

Our new campus plan embodies our vision for the school and for Northern Nevada.

It will enable us to host, expand our existing programs and venture into new areas that will deepen our relationship with the Reno/Tahoe community. Local youth sports, educational programs for students and families, guest performances, collaboration with other educational institutions and other new possibilities will grow in this dynamic community.

Sage Ridge’s founding vision and the 20 years spent achieving that vision have positioned our school to fulfill a unique role within the Reno community, just as the city’s own remarkable transformation is taking place. Global corporations are opening offices here. Our museums and theaters bring world-class exhibits and performances to downtown. Midtown, block by block, is being transformed by an exciting culinary culture. The rest of the country is finally discovering the extraordinary blend of city, mountains, lakes and festivals that Reno offers. Sage Ridge is another of Reno’s gems. Our nationally recognized commitment to educational excellence lies at the heart of what attracts companies and families to live, work and thrive in the Great Basin. Sage Ridge School is dedicated to providing students with the necessary tools and skills — a compass and orienteering — to succeed wherever they aim.