AIM Chair Updates 29 August 2021

Erin and Ted Mulvaney

Erin and Ted Mulvaney

It is an honor for us to dedicate this week’s Sage Ridge Spotlight to Erin and Ted Mulvaney to celebrate their incredible success as our AIM Campaign Co-Chairs. Erin and Ted have been members of our Sage Ridge community for the past eight years, but it was only a few months after they joined the Sage Ridge Board of Trustees in 2016 that they undertook the daunting and all-consuming task of co-chairing the AIM Campaign for the Board. With construction fencing now surrounding the area that will house our new Student Activity Center, our community knows the outcome of Erin’s and Ted’s efforts, but not everyone knows how their journey to success embodied all of our Pillars.

It took remarkable Courage for Erin and Ted to step into AIM in 2016. For many years, Sage Ridge had discussed expanding its campus, but the efforts to unite our community behind that goal had always stalled. Yet, Erin and Ted were ardent believers in and supporters of Sage Ridge and they wanted Sage Ridge to thrive, so they were not deterred. They had the courage to lead, and they did so with Integrity.  

Erin and Ted also understood how essential Respect would be to their efforts. Erin has often shared that before she and Ted could become the spokespersons they wanted to be for AIM, they needed to understand the vision and dreams of our Founders, Emeritus Trustees, and Special Friends who made Sage Ridge a reality. One of the first things Erin did was to reach out and meet with those who had sacrificed so much to ensure that Sage Ridge opened its doors (and that it grew strong). Throughout their time as AIM Co-Chairs, all of Erin’s and Ted’s decisions and recommendations have reflected their respect for what they learned in those early meetings and for those who came before them. 

Similarly, as they deepened their understanding of the School’s past efforts, they themselves became scholars of fundraising and planning - fully embracing the Scholarship integral to developing and implementing a new master plan. Creating a committee of supporters and experts, they studied our past expansion plans and researched best practices for school design. The acronym AIM – Achieve, Innovate, Magnify – incorporates a bold future vision into a master plan that centers on enabling Sage Ridge’s growth to fully support its mission and programs.

And, finally, Erin and Ted understood the importance of Community to the ultimate success of AIM. They first assembled and then led an AIM Steering Committee consisting of a core group of individuals with a broad range of expertise but a shared passion and belief in the vision. With their leadership, the unwavering commitment of the AIM Steering Committee and Board, and generous financial support during our quiet phase, we celebrated the public launch of the AIM Campaign in March. Erin’s and Ted’s enthusiasm about introducing our new campus master plan to both our Sage Ridge community and the wider Northern Nevada community never waned, and, after the public launch, they attended (and often spoke!) at numerous community events. Without the strong support of those within and outside of our Sage Ridge community, we would not be where we are today. But Erin’s and Ted’s commitment to Sage Ridge did not stop with AIM. Erin and Ted also worked tirelessly on other Board activities with Erin chairing the Marketing and Development Committee and Ted serving as the Board’s Vice-President and Secretary beginning in 2018.  

Erin and Ted are stepping down from the Board and as Co-Chairs of AIM effective August 31. With the graduation of their oldest son Nate in June 2021, the near completion of Phase I of AIM, and a successful public campaign underway, they have decided to turn their energies and attention to their family and two children still at home. As they shared with us, “We know this work is not finished, but for us a chapter has ended. We have long looked forward to the day when the school was healthy, staffed, and thriving, and the Campaign was embraced by our community to move into its next stage of growth. Seeing the new families at Back-to-School Night, our enrollment, the construction nearly under way, and the School’s leadership, we think that day has indeed arrived.”

Erin and Ted are already working to support a smooth transition to our new AIM Campaign Chairs, Cory Clemetson and Elizabeth "Beth" Schuler. Cory, who has always served as AIM’s construction lead, will continue in that role as Co-Chair, and Beth, who has worked closely with AIM, will step into AIM’s fundraising activities as Co-Chair. Cory and Beth are excited about their new roles, and we are fortunate to have two such accomplished and knowledgeable individuals leading us on the next steps in this remarkable journey. Please join us in thanking Erin and Ted for their passion, energy, and belief in Sage Ridge and welcoming Cory and Beth as we continue to AIM For The Future! 

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