Arts Overview


At Sage Ridge School, we believe the Arts to be a central and vital part of every student's education. The Arts help students develop a sense of excellence that promotes success in and beyond the classroom. Arts education helps make learning matter to students by giving them a medium to connect new knowledge to personal experiences and express what they have learned to others. 

We understand that participation in the Arts cultivates creativity, self-expression and self-discipline. The Arts help students develop their individuality, as well as nurture their team-building skills and respect for viewpoints which differ from their own. The Arts help students develop perception, articulate plans for the future, solve problems, make decisions, and accept responsibility to see a task through from beginning to end – all the while building self-confidence. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for young people to engage the Arts in ways that draw upon their creativity and contribute to their lifelong learning. 

Performing Arts

Our performing arts program builds courage and the capacity for self-confidence through multiple opportunities to shine. 

Visual Arts

Our visual arts program cultivates self-expression through the study of 2D and 3D mediums. 

Media Arts

Our Media Arts program teaches communication design, journalism, and marketing through the hands-on, student-driven publication.