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RGJ Article about Nate Mulvaney's ('21) Training Videos
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Jess Thibault

When faced with a suddenly free calendar last spring, Nate Mulvaney did not sit around and wait for something to fall into his lap. The Sage Ridge senior set about staying in shape and devising his own drills, then turning those drills into a series of soccer instructional videos for his fellow youth soccer players...

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Nate Soccer Training
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Jess Thibault

The presence of a global pandemic has been the impetus for innovations and creative projects across the globe, including in our Sage Ridge community. Nate Mulvaney ('21) spent part of his summer filming and publishing a week-long soccer video training series, which he has made available to the public via YouTube...

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Girls Basketball Workout
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Anthony Farnsworth

With recent changes to the sports seasons by both the NIAA and TAH-NEVA leagues, and in compliance with the CDC and state/county mandates, Sage Ridge will be offering non-mandatory workouts/conditioning sessions for various sports across seasons to continue focused skill development and to keep students engaged and active...

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2020-2021 Athletics Plan & Vision
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Anthony Farnsworth

Whether you are a new or returning family or faculty/staff member, please read on below for a better understanding of our Athletics Vision, our student-athlete/parent expectations, by team snapshots for 2020-21, and other key information including how to learn more about our programs. We are excited to involve the full community as both participants and supporters of Sage Ridge Athletics. We INVITE you to join us on the sidelines this year as we cheer on our teams with Scorpion Pride.

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Athletics 2020-2021
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Tobin Bechtel

Sage Ridge is committed to excellence in athletics, just as it is committed to excellence in academics, the arts and each of the other key elements of education which address the whole student. We will continue to have a strong athletics program in the fall and are working closely with NIAA and TAH-NEVA. We have already started a robust athletics planning process for 2020-2021 and are excited to connect with coaches over the summer to plan for the new year...

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