The Sage Ridge Opportunity Fund opens doors and changes lives. It allows highly deserving students like Marilyn Morales, Class of 2015, whose families have limited financial resources to enroll in the school. 

During the 2015-2016 school year the Opportunity Fund provided $740,000 in assistance for 65 students – 30% of the student body. 

It is ever more obvious that success in the future will require a world-class education.  The Opportunity Fund is the key to success for students who otherwise would not be able to thrive in an economy that requires the level of education offered by Sage Ridge School, a school that is consistently rated by agencies such as the Washington Post and Niche as one of the strongest schools in the nation.  Indicative of the school’s success, is that members of the class of 2016 were accepted at 134 colleges and universities and were offered more than $5M in scholarships – remarkable numbers for a class of only 28. 

The Opportunity Fund is administered by the head of school, the business officer, and the director of admissions. While the Opportunity Fund allows the school to enroll students with very high potential to succeed, it is not merit based; all awards are based solely on a detailed analysis of financial situation resources of those families who apply.  







Marilyn Morales