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Challenge Success Parent Survey
Emily Dolan

The conclusion of the spring school semester marks the second year that Sage Ridge has continued its work with Challenge Success. As the Challenge Success team looks ahead to the next year, we are gathering more data to see where progress can be made. One tool Challenge Success uses to "listen-in" and get a sense of stakeholder experience is the "I Wish" exercise. The team has used this exercise to gather valuable feedback from students and faculty, and now we’re invited parents to participate as well. ALL Sage Ridge parents are invited to please take 3 minutes to complete the “I Wish” survey May 27th. Responses are anonymous. The Challenge Success team will code the responses for themes, and the information will influence our work for the 2022-2023 school year.

Collecting feedback and data from both students and parents, the Challenge Success team at Sage Ridge was able to work on changes that further the goals our community has for its students. From advocating for a schedule change that allowed students needed time during the school day, to Parent Education events such as "A Healthier Approach to College Admissions," to sharing school specific data with our community, the team has worked to increase engagement and well being at Sage Ridge. Recently, the team gained some perspective on their work, as well as some new ideas, when they attended Challenge Success' Spring Conference at Stanford on Saturday May 7. 

This past Tuesday, representatives ​from the Challenge Success team updated the PA on our progress to date and shared data from the results of the surveys we’ve conducted (presentation). The results of the survey highlighted some positive things about our community but showed opportunities for continued focus as well. Specifically, the data revealed that among respondents, 36% of our community reported having meals together 5 times or more a week, which is higher than average. On the flip side, we see variations in student perceptions compared with parent perceptions on sleep and homework load. As the team continues to work on these initiatives, thank you in advance for sharing your parent voice in the “I Wish” campaign as we inform our third year of work in this program. 

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