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Parent Workshop - February 25

feb 25 parent workshop

Mr. Crain leads a 90 minute, interactive, group workshop with the goal of helping parents understand our character expectations at Sage Ridge, so we can strengthen our partnership in helping their children become the best versions of themselves.

This event is not a lecture or a coffee talk. We are getting to work! Handouts will be provided.

  • Who: Current Parents

  • When: Feb 25, 2020 (choose between two times)

    • Morning Session 8:00-10:00 AM

    • Afternoon Session 4:30-6:30 PM

  • Where: Sage Ridge School

Workshop Outline:

  • Welcome.

  • Introductions.

  • Story from Cam.

  • Clarity Tool: What are our expectations around character?
    What does it look like in our lives? How we were raised? What does it look like at home now? 

  • What does student life look like at SRS?
    Cam will explain the foundation of our student expectations, starting with the mission, pillars and expectations and reviews the roles of the advisor, grade level team leader and head of student life. Cam covers the tools for behavior correction: individual infractions, honor code and restorative justice. Case studies offered as examples.  

  • Strengths and challenges. 
    What is the school doing well right now to partner with you on your child’s character education? What is our biggest obstacle to a successful partnership? 

  • How can we be strong partners? 
    Now that we have identified the challenges, what solutions do we have to help us be better partners? What can you do better? What can your child do better? And what can the school do better? 

  • Wrap 

Questions? Email Mr. Crain