Evan, Runner & Leader

Class of 2024

Evan is a scholar, leader, and athlete. He is a member of Student Government which is responsible for planning fun events for the students throughout the year. 

Evan has planned one dance so far, which he enjoyed a lot. Evan also participates on both the Cross Country and Track Team for the Middle School where he runs long distances. He feels he performs well in all of his classes even with being a busy student. 

Before School: 
On a typical school day, Evan wakes up early in order to completely get ready for school. The earliest Evan wakes up is at 6:00 a.m. and the latest that Evan wakes up is at 6:25 in the morning. Evan leaves from his house to go to school at 7:15 a.m., giving him 50 - 60 minutes to eat breakfast, get dressed and get ready for the day. 


The Sage Ridge day is split into 6, 1-hour class blocks with a morning break and mid-day lunch placed evenly between. Students take 8 classes and drop 2 each day. 

8-9 AM | Geometry
This foundation allows for an exploration of Euclidean and non-Euclidean topics, matrices, triangle and unit circle trigonometry, vectors, systems of equations and logic. The class emphasizes the understanding and interrelationship of geometric and algebraic concept vocabulary and theorems.

Evan’s first class of the day every other monday morning is Math. He is now learning geometry which he enjoys a lot. He is specifically learning about calculating distances using slopes. He enjoys this section because he likes learning about planes. 

9-10 AM | Science 8
Students integrate disciplines through group discussion and laboratory exploration with emphasis on evaluating evidence and linking observations to the themes of biology.  The class will use the chemistry and physics concepts covered during the prior three year spiral to link the fields of science together as the students investigate the diversity of invertebrates, vertebrates, and the human body.

His next class is Science. This year in science, Evan gets to dissect many animals which he enjoys a lot. His favorite dissection that he has done so far was a shark. Evan enjoys both of these first classes of the day, but he is more interested in pursuing the topics in his other classes. 

10-10:25 AM | Break
During Break, Evan takes the time to relax and hang out with friends.

10:25-11:25 AM | United States History
Over the course of this school year, we will be tackling a number of major events in the history of our young nation. Each unit we study will include deep dives into the social, the structural and the norms of the time, understanding WHY as much as when.

After a 25 minute break, Evan has history. In history class, Evan is learning about the United States of America. Evan says that history is super fun and one of his favorite classes. The favorite thing Evan has learned about was the Battle of Bunker Hill, which took place during the early stages of the Revolutionary War. 

10:25-11:25 AM | D Period
After History, Evan has a flexible period. During this time, students have meetings, advisory and can get work done. Most of the time, Evan uses this time to study and do homework. Like most students, Evan enjoys his study hall period a lot and likes to try to get as much work done as possible. This is Evan’s first time having a time to do work in school, and he says that “having a study hall is amazing.”

12:25-1:15 PM | Lunch 
Evan spends his lunch time like his break time, eating a healthy lunch and hanging out with his friends. 

1:15 PM - 2:15 | Physical Education 
This physical education class utilizes a variety of activities and resources to provide students with the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation to pursue a healthy, fit lifestyle. Students will participate in daily physical activity, as well as daily practice of social skills. 

After lunch, Evan has P.E. where he gets some good exercise. The students learn conditioning as well as how to play sports. Evan's favorite thing to do during P.E. is play dodgeball.

2:15 PM - 3:15 | English 8
This course introduces students to major voices of American literature. Students read prose and poetry, fiction and nonfiction, and literary essays in order to gain a working knowledge of the development of an American aesthetic. Additionally, this course treats the the search for equality and justice as both an individual and a national experience. 

Evan's English class is taught by Mrs. Kuehn and he is learning  about grammar, vocab and American Literature. English is one of Evan’s favorite classes because “there are always some fun things to do.” Evan loves the vocabulary games they play in English to help them memorize their vocabulary easier. He also thinks reading short stories is a lot of fun.

Additional Classes:
Two classes are dropped each day, but here is a glimpse at what else enriches Evan's experience:

Spanish 1B
The class follows the natural acquisition process and incorporates the “Five Cs” of Foreign Language learning into instruction: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities. Overall, the students will be building off of their completion of 6th and 7th Grade Spanish to delve more deeply into the Spanish language and broaden their cultural awareness. 

Evan is also enrolled in Spanish 1B, which is the second half of Spanish 1. The students take level one of Latin or Spanish for 2 years in Middle School in order to ensure they understand the material and are ready to take on languages in high school. Evan enjoys the opportunity to learn a useful language like Spanish in Middle School. He also really likes his Spanish teacher, Mrs. Mariano, who he believes makes Spanish class really fun. He chose Spanish because he believes that it will be useful later in life.

This course builds on foundational programming concepts and transitions students from drag-and-drop programming languages to writing code. JavaScript is used to provide students with real world experiences in one of the most ubiquitous programming languages.

For his elective, Evan takes coding. As a skill, Evan is really interested in coding and believes that it is a really useful skill to have in the future. Evan believes that coding offers “infinite possibilities.” His favorite part of coding is actually when he gets to sit down and program things on his computer.

After and Outside of School: 
Evan is a member of the middle school cross country team and practices after school. When he is not running, Evan also likes to ski and rock climb. Although not his favorites, Evan enjoys mountain biking and likes to have paintball fights too. Being a scholar, Evan spends most of his afternoon doing homework in order to maintain his good grades. 

- Interview by Ethan Vicks ('22)

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