Josh, Athlete & Scholar

Class of 2023

Josh is currently a freshman at Sage Ridge. As a student athlete, Josh is very passionate about sports, basketball in particular.

Besides playing for Sage Ridge for all three seasons throughout the year, he is also a driven student who’s ready to explore high school academics. As a proud SRS lifer, Josh enjoys the opportunities and the education here at SRS.

The Sage Ridge day is split into 6, 1-hour class blocks with a morning break and mid-day lunch placed evenly between. Students take 8 classes and drop 2 each day. 

After Josh gets up, he gets ready for school and has breakfast. Josh sees his dad first almost every morning. Josh’s morning routine includes (but not limited to) hair care, dental care and putting on his Sage Ridge uniform. But since today is spirit day for “Pajamas”, he gets into his comfortable gear. 

If Josh arrives early to school, he goes to play the piano in Mr. Vitale’s room to kill time. Although he has never taken a piano lesson before, according to Josh, it is “fun to play random piano.”

8-9 AM | Study Hall
Josh’s first period is a study hall. He works on his homework in Math and Physics with his peers. Josh thinks of his study hall as a really useful time to catch up on school work. 

9-10 AM | Formal Geometry
This foundation allows for an exploration of Euclidean and non-Euclidean topics, matrices, triangle and unit circle trigonometry, vectors, systems of equations and logic. The class emphasizes the understanding and interrelationship of geometric and algebraic concept vocabulary and theorems.

Today in the Geometry class, Josh works on a graphing lab on his computer. Later, the class reviews content for an upcoming test this Friday. Josh says that they have a test almost every two weeks, and it is “decently hard.” Regardless of the difficulty, he feels satisfied with the pace of class.

10-10:25 AM | Break
Monday’s break is partly taken up with the Upper School “campus meeting.” Every Monday, Upper School students and faculty meet in the Loft to announce updates, upcoming events and so on. This assembly is run by student government. Josh sits with his friends during the meeting and studies for the Spanish next period afterwards.

10:25-11:25 AM | Spanish II
Spanish II students learn to demonstrate proficiency in discussing daily activities, telling others what to do/giving orders, asking for and giving information, expressing doubt/uncertainty, describing actions in progress and telling stories in the past. Students will learn strategies to improve their reading comprehension such as predicting, scanning and skimming.

Josh has been learning Spanish at Sage Ridge for three years, counting this one. Today, all students finish their test early and then they get on their homework. Typically, the class is conducted completely in Spanish, and Mr. Garzon requires every person to ask questions in Spanish. Josh looks forward to going to a Spanish-speaking place in the future, like Cancun or Costa Rica.

11:25-12:25 AM | Ancient World History
Ancient World History examines human history from the origins of our species to the emergence of a global, early modern world. This course explores the ways in which knowledge and technological innovation, belief systems, and cultural traditions contributed to and shaped the social institutions and political economies of the world’s major civilizations.

Freshman history class studies ancient world history. Josh enjoys the class with Mr. Eads. Today the class goes over the life of Gautama Buddha.

12:25-1:15 PM | Lunch 
When it’s warm and sunny, Josh has a picnic-style lunch outside with his friends. The weather is nice and he has fun hanging out with his friends, having a discussion about jokes and preferences. Josh sometimes goes to Mrs. Kuehn’s room to doodle Simpsons on her board. Mrs. Kuehn is Josh’s middle school English teacher and he enjoys visiting her classroom.

1:15 PM - 2:15 | Ancient and Medieval Literature
Students consider the roots of the English language tradition as they sample some of the greatest stories of the ancient and medieval world. These works have been passed down through the ages because they continue to challenge and entertain their readers, and because the thoughts and fundamental questions they present penetrate into the heart of human experience.

English class has a seminar discussion on an introduction to The Odyssey.  Mr. Sloyan is famous for being strict about taking reading notes, and Josh thinks it’s helpful for him to keep track of his thoughts in his reading and discussion. “It’s a hard book,” but Josh feels comfortably prepared for English seminars from Middle School. The class will write an essay as the review of the book. “There’s still some aspects to get used to, like middle school English class was less discussion-based.” Regardless, Josh looks forward to more future lectures and challenges because he has learned a lot from these intellectual discussions. “I talk a lot in class,” Josh adds.

2:15 PM - 3:15 | Freshman Seminar
The Freshman Seminar equips students with the dispositions, skills, and knowledge that set them up for success in our upper school, college, and life. They strengthen organizational skills and develop strategies that will help them thrive, such as those for managing time and stress and avoiding perfectionism. The course promotes habits of mind that enable students to face challenges, bounce back from setbacks, and learn from failure, in the process developing resilience, confidence, and growth mindsets.

Freshman Seminar is a special part of Sage Ridge’s curriculum. Josh’s seminar is directed by Dr. McGann this year. Freshmen talk about “failure” and how failure could be beneficial. A few weeks ago, freshmen also had a seminar with Sage Ridge's Head of School, Mr. Bechtel, and talked about high school goals. 

Josh aims to play basketball in college. Josh has been playing since he was 4 years old. All of his siblings enjoy this sport too.

Additional Classes
Two classes are dropped each day, but here is a glimpse at what else enriches Josh's experience:

Conceptual Physics
Conceptual physics introduces students to core physical concepts such as mechanics, waves & sound, electricity & magnetism, light & optics, and atomic theory. Students are introduced to physical concepts through discussion and inquiry based labs. A special focus is given to data collection and analysis using PASCO sensors and Capstone software.

Josh is taking physics for the first time and he’s enjoying the class. The class consists of twelve freshmen, one of the biggest science classes at Sage Ridge. They recently did a lab on elastic and inelastic collisions with cars.

Media Arts
In this class students elevate and hone their skills in photography, videography, digital design, and  journalism as they broadcast the insider's story of Sage Ridge by publishing the yearbook, social media posts, and the student-run magazine, The Ridge.

Josh likes Media Arts the most out of all his classes, but Media happens to be one of the two classes he drops today. Josh is on the yearbook team. At this moment, he is creating templates for the upcoming yearbook. He likes this class because it’s a good learning opportunity, and he’s excited to be part of writing and designing school media.

After School
After school, Josh has soccer practice from 3:30 to 4:45 this season. His team runs miles to condition and does other drills to practice shooting, offenses, etc. “We’re getting ready for a game that’s coming up,” Josh says. Other than basketball and soccer, Josh also plays golf from time to time, while his main sport is still basketball, according to him.  Josh says he could do basketball everyday without fail, because this is one of the things that he simply does out of passion.

Right after school till Josh goes to bed, he listens to music to relax. Other than Jazz and Country, Josh says he listens to almost everything. His recent favorite is Post Malone’s latest album Hollywood’s Bleeding, and the song he especially likes out of all is Take What You Want.

Josh sees his sister Ali during the weekends since she started college. Ali Stanko was student government president, Class of 2019. While Ali has landed into the next chapter of her life at UNR, Josh, on the other hand, is just beginning his Sage Ridge high school journey.


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