As an independent school, we recognize that a strong advisory program is an essential component of supporting our students' successes. At Sage Ridge, we know that a teacher's responsibility goes beyond teaching his or her subject area. Our teachers are also mentors; they are advisors for our students. 

The role of advisors is to provide support for their advisees; they provide academic, social, and personal life support. Advisors also act as liaisons between their advisory parents and the School. 

All students are assigned to advisory groups. Each group is sponsored by a faculty advisor who provides social, moral, and personal coaching to help advisees become confident, compassionate community members. Advisory time activities are responsive to the needs of the students and are organized by the Grade Level Team Leaders. Activities might include personality tests, career exploration, art projects, advisory buddy games, or time to hang out and talk. 

The "Arnold Palmers" in their matching sunglasses