Community Service

Sage Ridge students prepare to become outstanding citizens through the hundreds of hours they give each year to assist the underserved, disabled, homeless, elderly, and youth in Washoe County.

Through service to others, students become aware of their own gifts and the gifts of others; the hope is that such awareness will foster a continued commitment to volunteerism. Sage Ridge School’s Community Service Program reinforces the school’s commitment to help students become empathetic, responsible and engaged members of our local community.

Sage Ridge incorporates community service in three important ways - through our Parents Association's All School Service Projects, through Lower/Middle School grade level projects, and by supporting Upper School students in their community projects.

Upper School Community Service Requirement

Community is one of the School’s five Pillars. Each year there are a variety of volunteer opportunities for all members of our community. Parents, students, and teachers are encouraged to participate throughout the year in the various drives for food, clothing, school supplies, and holiday gifts for our local families in need.

Upper School Participation Requirement

In the Upper School, students complete 25 hours of community service each year in Grades 10 – 12.  Students may not receive any compensation for their service hours. Hours may be completed during the summer preceding the school year starting in July. The calendar for Community Service hours runs from July 1 to June 30, and hours completed in one calendar year may not be transferred to another calendar year.  Each student is encouraged to begin contacting potential agencies early in the school year to prepare a plan that satisfies the number of hours required by the end of the year. Students and advisors are expected to work together to monitor community service hours. When students complete hours, they are to fill out a Community Service form and give it to their advisor to log in RenWeb (Service Hours). If students have questions about what might qualify for service hours, they should get approval  prior to participation from their advisors and/or the Upper School Head.

2023 Community Service Requirements:

  • To be eligible to graduate, all students are REQUIRED to complete 20 service hours in their sophomore, junior, and senior years.
  • There are no required service hours for freshmen for graduation; however, any service hours accrued during freshman year will be posted to that student’s transcript.
  • All students must complete at least 20 service hours during sophomore year.
  • To graduate with an HONORS diploma, students need to complete 40 service hours in both junior AND senior years.
  • To graduate with a HIGH HONORS diploma, students need to complete 60 service hours in both junior AND senior years.


While fundraising is a form of contributing to community service, Sage Ridge emphasizes volunteering time to causes and organizations and encourages students to build relationships over time. If a community member (student, parent, employee) would like to sponsor a cause with fundraising, they need to request to do so in writing to the Development Office and have it approved before initiating any fundraising activities.