Student Life Overview

A Message from the Head of Student Life

Welcome families! As Head of Student Life, it is my honor to support all co-curricular activities for our students in grades 3 – 12.

At Sage Ridge, the cultivation of a student’s character is a priority. Inspired by our Pillars, we have created a series of programs that nurture our students’ social emotional learning. Our secret sauce is the relationships between our faculty and students. Kids don’t slip through the cracks. We ask questions. We listen. We stay open-minded. And we provide predictability and support. As members of a diverse community that values ethical behavior and mutual respect, our students are expected to behave in a manner that lends credit both to themselves and the School. When they make mistakes, we are there to guide them back on track.

Thank you for entrusting your child’s educational development to us. Our goal is to bring out their best version of themselves.

Cameron Crain

Cameron Crain

Cameron Crain

Head of Student Life

Outdoor Education

For one week at the beginning of each school year, students from all grades embark on adventures that education and create life-long friendships. 


SRS provides three strong, unique programs for students to further expand their horizons. 

Student Leadership

Opportunities abound to grow as a student leader at SRS. 

A Day In the Life of a Scorpion

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Our Mission:

Sage Ridge School graduates curious and confident citizens who embrace rigorous scholarship, respect the dignity of individuals, choose integrity, embody courage, cultivate a compassionate community, and ultimately thrive in college and in our global society.